HCK Capital Gives Property Buyers Up to 30% X'tra Financing For A Limited Time
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With us spending more time at home during the pandemic and remote working, many especially the younger generation might start to think about getting their own property where they can have dedicated space for work and leisure. Moreover, more Malaysians were keen to purchase property for investment purposes post-Covid-19, according to the Malaysia Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2020. 

While Malaysians’ interest in buying a property has not simmered down during the pandemic, difficulty in securing adequate financing may deter them from realising their goal to own a property, be it for self-stay or investment purposes.

Challenges in securing home loans was in fact one of the issues Malaysians faced most frequently when trying to return to a new normal. 

To help you own a home with ease, HCK Capital Group has introduced its X’tra Financing Programme (XF2.0) that allows you to obtain additional bridging loans of up to 30% with no interest payment for up to five years.

Easy Entry With Zero Down Payment

One of the outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic includes financial institutions becoming stricter with their lending policy and banks are expected to remain cautious on loan approvals this year.  

Getting sufficient financing may have become more of a challenge these days especially for the younger generation. Aside from financing a loan, property buyers are also typically required to put a minimum 10% down payment for a property of their choice. 

With XF2.0, no down payment is required and buyers are only required to get a 70% principal loan from financial institutions to own a home from any participating projects. The XF2.0 gives property purchasers a bridging loan that could amount to 30%.

The exemption of a down payment buys you the extra time needed to save up for a property. If you’re planning to flip the property for gains, zero down payment means you do not need to fork out money beforehand.

Interest-Free Instalment For Comfy Commitment

The inadequacy of affordable housing in the urban areas remains a concern with the rise of housing prices. In fact, affordability and high prices are among the reasons Malaysians are not buying a property.  

As home buyers, we would like to reduce the overall home loan amount as much as possible to ease repayment. After all, financing a home can feel like a life’s journey with loan tenures running up to 35 years.

The XF2.0 offers home buyers interest-free instalment for its bridging loan and low monthly instalments. The instalments will commence once you receive a Notice of Vacant Possession (VP) from the developer, which is basically an official statement to inform you, as the buyer, to take possession of the property.    

Attractive HOC Incentives Await  

A waiver of upfront fees are beneficial to young home buyers who are eager to own a property but may find it difficult to come up with a huge sum in advance.

Aside from extra financing, HCK Capital’s homebuyers are entitled to the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)’s benefits. HOC was extended recently for all residential properties registered under HOC 2020/2021.

It will be ending on 31 Dec 2021, so do hurry if you want to take advantage of these extra perks. Some of the incentives offered during the HOC include 100% stamp duty exemption for financing agreement.

Possible Profit Earning Opportunity

As mentioned above, although the pandemic has presented Malaysians with certain challenges, it has not chased away our interest in purchasing a property for investment purposes. 

The XF2.0 is giving property investors a special reward when you sell the property early. With XF2.0, you will be given a zero-interest bridging loan of up to 30% of the property price. 

For example, as shown in the table below, a home buyer gets extra financing of up to 30% of the property price — which is equivalent to RM272,000 —  with the XF 2.0. You’re required to make the first 5% repayment during the first year. Should you opt to sell the property within the first year after obtaining VP, you will be rewarded accordingly.


During challenging times, home buyers can look out for special incentives given by the government and developers to encourage people to purchase properties. If you’re looking to purchase a home now, you can consider the XF 2.0 that is offering perks mentioned above from 15 April to 30 June 2021. 

HCK Capital has created a niche building education cities across the nation with landmark projects in Setia Alam, Damansara Perdana, and Cyberjaya among others. You can find out more about their projects and the XF2.0 here. 

*The offers mentioned above are all subject to terms and conditions.

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