How Smart Digital Locks Complement Today’s Modern Smart Homes

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igloohome 4

In an increasingly automated world, it’s no surprise that many are also automating various aspects of their home sweet home; after all, technology helps us be comfortable, efficient, and secure through its many functionalities. You may think of various things that can be part of a smart home, but there’s one thing that you may not have thought of: a smart lock. Let’s first discuss what a smart home looks like, and how a smart digital lock can fit in that setup.

Smart Homes: How and Why Do You Create One?

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Smart homes are regular homes that have been amplified in terms of functionality with technology. A smart home would have things like smart lighting, which allows residents to control the lighting even when they are not at home as well as adjust the colour and tone of the light. Other items a smart home could have include appliances like air conditioners, speakers, and robot vacuums that can be controlled remotely from anywhere. Finally, Wifi-enabled security cameras are popular among Malaysians as they allow homeowners to continuously monitor what’s happening at home even if they’re in a foreign country.

The general theme of items within a smart home is the same: connectivity, efficiency, variability, and security all available at one’s fingertips. Who wouldn’t want a home that’s comfortable and convenient?

This is why smart locks are an excellent addition to a smart home. These security marvels offer everything that fits the above general theme through their functionality, making them way better than regular padlocks that you would find at a hardware store. Smart locks are not just useful for keeping unwanted persons out, they also can allow temporary access to others without you being there.

What Can Smart Locks Offer To A Homeowner? Turns Out, A Lot!

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The most basic purpose of keeping a lock on your door is to protect your home from intruders. However, we’ve seen plenty of cases where conventional padlocks and door locks can be broken by brute force. In addition, it can be a major headache if you lose your keys.

Smart locks may not reinvent the wheel, but instead increases both the security and convenience of a padlock or door lock. Here are just some of the reasons how:

  • They allow multiple secure ways of unlocking, such as through a PIN, via Bluetooth, and through a physical key. This way, you have options if either one doesn’t work.
  • PIN-enabled smart locks allow you to provide access to others easily by generating a one-time time-limited PIN that they can use on the lock, even without you being there. You can set time limits for the PIN code validity, and review all PIN access codes via app. It’s secure and especially useful for Airbnb hosts.
  • They are discreet and come in less obvious forms than conventional padlocks. Not only that, more premium options come with tamper alarms and security lockouts if incorrect PINs are entered too many times. Security at its best, for sure!

There aren’t too many companies that specialise in smart locks, but one brand stands out. Despite being founded just in 2015, igloohome has quickly gained a reputation as being the best in the business. Offering a range of award-winning smart lock options, igloohome is also an official trusted Airbnb partner.

An igloohome Smart Lock for Every Type Of Smart Home

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igloohome offers several smart lock products with varying specifications. Here is an overview of igloohome’s most popular smart locks and their features:

Feature/Model Padlock Mortise Deadbolt 2S
Multiple Access Modes Yes Yes Yes
Offline Functionality Yes Yes Yes
Access Log Viewing Yes Yes Yes
Airbnb Sync for Automatic PIN Generation Yes Yes Yes
Security Lockout Mode Yes Yes Yes
Tamper Alarm No Yes Yes
Timer/Sensor Re-lock Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Mode No Yes Yes
Decoy Security Code Input Before Actual Code Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Jumpstart via External Battery Yes Yes Yes
Fire Alarm No Yes No
Volume Adjusting Yes Yes Yes


All three products, namely the Padlock, Deadbolt 2S, and Mortise have some basic common functionalities, while other features vary according to model. The mid-range model is the Deadbolt 2S, which offers the most core security functionalities you would need for your home, minus some of the extras that the flagship Mortise offer. It also has a sleek, elegant design, being the slimmest of the three, so aesthetics are kept in check too!

Smart Locks Myths and Misconceptions

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Chances are, you may have heard some common misconceptions about smart locks and why you shouldn’t use them. Here are some common myths that people believe about smart locks:

  • If there is no Wi-Fi, I won’t be able to access my home – Most smart locks, including all igloohome models, have offline backups for such a scenario. Users can still use PIN, their smartphones (via Bluetooth), and if all else fails, a physical key.
  • My smart lock won’t be functional if the batteries are dead – Smart locks will give multiple reminders to your smartphone to remind you to replace the batteries well before they run out of juice (smart locks can have up to one year battery life). If you fail to do so, and the locks do stop functioning, a physical key can be used to open your door. Models like the Deadbolt 2S and Mortise also allow emergency jumpstarts for this purpose.
  • Smart locks are easily hacked and unsafe – There have been zero instances of a smart lock hack. Security measures are also plentiful. For example, PIN codes usually expire within a set timeframe, and the igloohome app itself require some form of authentication to access the lock controls. Finally, tamper alarms and security lockouts offer another layer of physical security.

Try Out igloohome’s Products Yourself at JDX Concept Store, Quill City Mall!

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If you’re keen to test out and see how a smart lock can improve your home, you can now do so at the permanent igloohome pop-up booth at the JDX Concept Store, a 50,000 square feet cashless shopping experience store conveniently located at Quill City Mall, KL. Just come to the booth, try their offerings, and scan a QR code to buy/make a purchase via Prestomall app. Afterwards, the smart lock of your choice will be sent to your home, just like an online delivery order.

So, if you are in the Klang Valley, go and experience the new era of home lock solutions yourself today, and stay an up-to-date consumer!

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