How You Can End Up Spending More For Using Counterfeit Printer Ink
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It is truly a frustrating moment when you are printing something important, but your printer runs low on ink and you need to buy a new cartridge. During this time, you may consider using counterfeit printer ink, because those tend to be cheaper. Saving money is good, right? In reality, buying counterfeit printer ink is not a recommended practice at all, for a number of reasons.

The Dangers Of Using Counterfeit Printer Ink

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Using non-genuine printer ink is dangerous not just to your wallet in the long run, but also to your health and the environment. If you’re wondering how, here is some information that may shock you.

Counterfeit Ink Is More Hazardous to Your Health

Counterfeit ink emits more hazardous chemicals into the air during use, including substances that are cancer-causing agents, in high amounts. Since counterfeit ink is not regulated the way genuine printer inks from reputable manufacturers are, it’s hard to say how much danger you are putting yourself in if you use these counterfeits for the long term. This becomes even more important if you have children or the elderly in your home who would be extra sensitive to these harmful particles.

Counterfeit Inks Don’t Have the Same Quality Output

If you need your printouts to look nice (for when you present it to the boss, or for that meeting with a client, or when printing out an especially important portfolio, or for your child’s very important school project), you really should stay away from counterfeit ink. These inks are usually cheaper because they have lower-quality pigments in them, and on top of that, counterfeit inks don’t work the same way with your printer’s configuration as genuine manufacturer ink does. This results in subpar prints which just don’t look good to anyone.

Counterfeit Inks Can Damage Your Printer

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Using counterfeit ink dramatically increases the risk of cartridge and toner leaks in your printer, which can ruin your printer’s functionality. Not only that, using counterfeit ink in your printer also voids its warranty, so you would need to bear repair costs if the ink leaks in your printer.

Counterfeit Ink Cartridges Burden the Environment

Unlike genuine ink cartridges that often can be sent back to the manufacturer for closed-loop recycling, counterfeit ink cartridges often end up in the landfill. Only a very small percentage is recycled by remanufacturers, while the rest gets thrown back into Mother Earth. It takes 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose, so imagine how many thousands of years it would take for an ink cartridge to decompose!

Because of this and all the reasons above, while counterfeit ink can seem cheap in the short term, in the long run you will wind up spending a lot more than you would if you just bought genuine cartridges and toners in the first place.

Keep Your HP Printers Protected and Invest in Genuine HP Ink

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If you have HP printers in your home, there’s no reason to not invest in genuine HP ink. This is not only an environmentally responsible and healthy option, but also a useful way to generate long-term savings.

On top of that, using HP printers with genuine HP ink is now even more convenient thanks to the HP Smart App. The app offers a lot of useful features, including:

  • Access your smartphone’s photos and those on social media/the cloud and sent the pictures directly to your printer for printing, without the need of transferring to your computer first
  • Scan pictures and documents directly into your phone to be attached to emails or kept in the cloud
  • Print virtually anything from your phone all via a seamless Wi-Fi setup system
  • Get low-ink alerts, just like on your desktop!

The HP Smart App is available for both iOS and Android phones, as well as iPadOS.

Of course, the inks themselves are worth the investment, as HP genuine ink cartridges and toners are reliable, fast-drying, and produce quality, durable prints you can be proud of.

On top of that, HP offers up to 21% savings on cartridges and 20% on toners if you buy dual packs, so you may as well stock up when you need to. It’s always good to have a cartridge handy instead of running out of ink at pivotal moments.

And if that’s not enough, there’s an additional festive cheer to sweeten the deal. When you purchase selected printers or toners from HP from now to 31st January, you will be entitled to a free Touch N’ Go or Boost e-voucher. All you need to do is check on the eligibility of your product and upload your proof of purchase no later than 14th February 2020. To claim your free voucher, visit

Discover the full range of HP multi-function printers and their complementary toner cartridges at the official HP website, or you can purchase them directly at the HP Online Store.

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