It’s Not Too Late To Get Life Protection With Allianz BolehCover

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“It’s going to be expensive to buy life insurance at an older age. You should’ve started early.”

If you are well into your 40s and have only started to consider purchasing life insurance, you would have probably heard of the above many times in your search for the suitable plan. 

And in most cases – if you haven’t already – you will find out that age and health condition are the two factors amongst others that will decide which risk class you belong in. And it is depending on this risk class; high, low or in between, which will determine how expensive your premium would be.

Age is one of the key determining factors to your risk class due to the assumption that the older you are, the more likely you are to have health issues. As such, the cost of insurance will also increase with age – the closer you are to your life expectancy (74.9 years for Malaysians), the more expensive you are to be insured.

However, your current age should not deter you from getting life insurance – especially if you are with dependents. If you are still not covered by any life insurance plan, it is not too late to get protected with Allianz BolehCover

Allianz BolehCover – Even At The Age Of 46 Up To 70!

Unlike conventional life insurance plans available in the market, Allianz BolehCover is a life insurance plan that is designed for those in their golden years, specifically, from the age of 46 to 70 years

Allianz BolehCover offers life coverage of up to the age of 100 where upon the maturity of the policy, you would receive the maturity benefit of 100% of Insured Amount payable to you.  

However, in the event of your unfortunate passing before the maturity period, Allianz BolehCover provides Death Benefit of up to 2x of the Insured Amount payable to your nominee(s) depending on the circumstances of the passing: Accidental Death or Non-Accidental Death.

In the case of Accidental Death such as being involved in a car accident, your nominee(s) may receive up to 2x of the Insured Amount, while for Non-Accidental Death or natural cause, 1x of the Insured Amount or 100% of Total Premium Paid is payable – depending on the Policy Year at the time of Death. 

No Medical Examination Required, With Affordable Premiums

Besides providing life insurance coverage for those in their golden years, Allianz BolehCover also offers a hassle-free enrolment with no health questions asked and no medical examination required.

With no medical examination required, Allianz BolehCover provides an opportunity for those who were turned away by insurers, either due to their medical history or pre-existing health conditions, to be protected. 

Furthermore, from as low as RM1.65 per day, Allianz BolehCover is affordable especially for those who are close to retirement or are already in retirement without burdening their monthly expenses. Additionally, Allianz BolehCover guarantees a level premium throughout the coverage term which means that your monthly premium remains the same even as your age increases.  

Give Yourself Or Your Loved Ones The Gift Of Assurance

With Allianz BolehCover, it is not too late to get covered for your golden years. You can also take advantage of its affordable premiums to add another layer of protection for yourself.  

Alternatively, you can also purchase Allianz BolehCover for your parents because without a doubt, the payout benefits will help lighten you or your family’s financial burden in the future when the time comes, considering the ever-rising cost of living. 

Meanwhile, You Can Also Start Early With Allianz 1Cover

If you’re between 16 to 45 years old, you might want to consider Allianz 1Cover which offers a 30-year term plan with three options of life coverage – RM50,000, RM100,000 or RM200,000 from as low as RM0.85 a day. 

Allianz 1Cover provides up to 3x of the Insured Amount, payable in a lump sum should anything happen to you during the coverage term. Similar to Allianz BolehCover, there are no health questions asked and no medical examination required, giving a chance to those who are considered as high risk to have their first financial safety net for the family. 

If you have a young family and have only begun to secure a financial safety net for your family – Allianz 1Cover could be a good starting point to protect your dependents.

Also, Stand A Chance To Win A Gintell Massage Chair Worth RM9,988! 

For a limited time only, Allianz is collaborating with RinggitPlus to reward one lucky reader with a Gintell massage chair worth RM9,988 upon signing up of either Allianz BolehCover or Allianz 1Cover!

Beginning 15 January 2021 for a contest period of 3 months, RinggitPlus will be giving away one (1) unit of Gintell DéVano SC Queen Massage Chair to one (1) winner. 

To get started, register your contact information here today to arrange a consultation with an authorised Allianz representative!

Click to find out more information about Allianz BolehCover or Allianz 1Cover, and get yourself or your loved ones covered today. Remember, while it is not too late to get covered, you shouldn’t waste any moment given either.

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