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With almost everything in our daily lives powered digitally, it’s important that we’re all equipped with well-capable electronic devices. For the little ones, having a digital device could assist in expanding their creativity and entertain them with their favourite movies while learners need something that allows them to attend online classes, submit assignments, do research, and write papers. On the other hand, those who are building their career would most likely use theirs to carry out daily tasks as required by their employer. 

It’s no surprise that there are endless choices of products in the market with so many different people looking to fulfil their unique needs. Malaysian-based electronics brand, JOI® offers a variety of digital devices at competitive prices. As a collaboration between Intel®, Microsoft and SNS Network, JOI® develops and produces a myriad of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and solutions.

Let’s explore how people from different walks of life can enjoy JOI® products.

For Educators Cultivating A Healthy Learning Environment

The JOI® Smartboard is a digital device that has the potential to make learning more engaging and interactive. With up to 20 touch points and sizes of up to 86 inches, students can collaborate with one another and convey their ideas through visuals and even mind mapping, which is especially essential for visual learners.

The JOI® Smartboard comes with an ops module that can be fitted with Intel® Core i3, i5 or i7 Processors, based on performance preferences. So whether it’s for moderate or heavy use, users can select the processor that works best for them. The ops module also comes equipped with Windows 10 Pro, Dual DDR slot, 128/256GB SSD, ports for HDMI, DP, and VGA, as well as 6 USB 3.0 ports. 

Teachers, lecturers, and professors may even perform wireless transfers of relevant files throughout the class without the need to physically transfer data. Screenshare Pro allows educators to mirror other devices onto the JOI® Smartboard for a much larger real estate. On top of that, JOI® Smartboard has pre-installed Android applications and sidebar widgets that one can typically find on tablets and mobile devices, that may be of assistance when conducting classes.

For Learners Who Will Become Future Leaders

These days, students of all ages are expected to have an electronic device at the ready. While they may have different requirements based on their scope of study, JOI® offers a wide range of products that can fulfil unique student needs.

Students may find a variety of JOI® laptops capable of carrying out their everyday tasks, such as the  JOI Classmate® 10, JOI Classmate® 30, JOI® Book 143 Pro, and JOI® Book 200 Pro. JOI Classmate® 10 and JOI Classmate® 30 are beginner-friendly and can withstand drops from up to 2 feet, which may prove to be helpful for those with less careful tendencies. 

JOI Classmate® 10 comes with Intel® Celeron® N4020 whereas JOI Classmate® 30 is fitted with Intel® Core i3-1005G1 Processor, which would work great for young students.

Furthermore, older students such as those who plan to carry their devices into the workforce later on may benefit from JOI® Book 143 Pro, which weighs only 1.25kg and JOI® Book 200 Pro, a laptop equipped with backlit keys that can easily be used in the dark.

JOI® Book 143 Pro is built with the capable Intel® Celeron® N4120, whereas JOI® Book 200 Pro is equipped with the quad-core Intel® Pentium® J3710, which is suitable for education and the workplace.

For Career Builders Seeking To Enhance Productivity

Whether you work in the creative, finance, education or other industries, chances are, you too are required to have a device to work on. While JOI® Book 143 Pro, and JOI® Book 200 Pro also make great devices to speed through daily tasks with, JOI® also offers other products that may assist in fulfilling your everyday duties. 

For those who are constantly on the go, JOI® Book Touch 330 Pro may become your next favourite work device as it only weighs 1.3kg, is 12.8mm thin, and is a tablet-laptop hybrid. The 13.3” Full HD display provides clear, crisp visuals and performance is also nothing short of capable as it is powered by an Intel® Celeron® N4120 Processor. On top of that, you can securely lock and unlock with Windows Hello, using fingerprint verification. 

JOI® AIO (120 Pro) is an all-in-one monitor computer that only requires minimal accessories, unlike traditional desktops. The hardware is all within the 21.5” Full HD monitor itself so all you need is just a mouse and keyboard – which you’ll get for free! JOI® AIO (120 Pro) also comes equipped with a webcam, microphone, and speaker so whenever you have a video call scheduled, you’re all ready to go. 

Complete with an Intel® Celeron® Processor 3867U processor, the JOI® AIO (120 Pro) is made adequate for work tasks, multimedia, browsing, and multitasking.

On the other hand, if you already have a monitor that you love and trust, why not opt for the JOI® PC 226? It comes complete with Intel® Pentium® Gold G6400 Processor, 4GB Windows 10 Pro, 240GB SATA SSD, and Intel® UHD Graphics 610 so you can work as much as you’d like, or stream your favourite content enjoyably in your free time. The JOI® PC 226 also comes in a combo with a keyboard and mouse!

Additionally, the JOI® PC 226 is fitted with an Intel® Pentium® Gold G6400 Processor, which is proficient in productivity and even mid-range gaming for some after-work destressing.


So if you’re in the market for a new device, why not consider getting one from JOI®? They have a device suited for people across all ages, including those who are studying, working, and even teaching. Plus, products are all competitively-priced and there’s also an option for instalments for easy payments. 

Click here to shop JOI® products online.

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