Lenovo’s Yoga Is Powered By Smarter Technology To Help You Work More Efficiently
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You’ve seen it in movies about a futuristic world where intelligent robots and humans co-exist in an efficient collaboration. Even through futuristic vision in movies, it’s undeniable that smart technology can transform the way we work.

While we may not be in the future depicted in popular fiction yet, it’s evident in the latest Lenovo Yoga series that we’re heading the right way. In this article, we discover how Lenovo Yoga series* – specifically Yoga C940 and Yoga S940, can elevate your work efficiency with its Smarter Technology.

Now equipped with a collective of Artificial Intelligent (AI) features powered by 10th Generation Intel® Processor, these Lenovo Yoga models are perfect for working professionals who want high performing laptops and are always on the go. Recognisable through its refined craftmanship, bold innovation and premium experiences, they’re more than just its premium look.

*Available in variation of Windows 10, Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, depending on selected model

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It learns your habits and optimises its AI features accordingly

The latest devices in Lenovo Yoga series such as Yoga C940 and Yoga S940 are co-engineered with Intel®, so it’s no wonder that they’re powered by the latest, most powerful 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor – making them smarter, and more intuitive.

With 10th Generation Intel® Core™, Lenovo Yoga is capable of learning and adapting to your daily usage habits which allows it to direct its optimum power to where and when you need it the most. For example, if you’re a content creator or a graphic artist, you will appreciate this smart feature as it enhances the AI technology which subsequently optimises the visual performance of your Yoga laptop. This eventually, improves your working experience.

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Yoga’s AI features lets you get into business efficiently at once

While we’re on the topic, let’s explore some of the AI features available in these selected Yoga models. Both Yoga C940 and S940 are equipped with optimised AI features, which let you get right into business with just a flip to boot, skipping the power button and without the waiting. Adding onto the convenience, if your work requires you to operate with multiple screens, you’ll be glad to know that these latest Yoga models allow you to move your content from your laptop to a monitor with just a gaze, thanks to its eye tracking capability.

lenovo yoga 4

Besides these intelligent hands-free, seamless start up and content management features, you can also be rest assured that your laptop stays secured when left unattended with its smart walk-away lock.

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With Yoga C940, you can be forgetful

If you’re someone who easily forgets where you’ve placed your keys and is always misplacing small items, know that Yoga C940’s is designed with you in mind. One of its key features is the Garaged Pen with charging dock, which can be easily stored in a dedicated slot in the Yoga itself. Not only that, it automatically charges the pen when inserted. This way, you get to keep your pen in hand, while also never having to worry about forgetting to charge it.

lenovo yoga 6

Garaged Pen with charging dock, available with Yoga C940 only

lenovo yoga 7

Slim and sleek, Yoga S940

Be immersed in stunning display and excellent audio system

Work does not have to be a drag. To amplify your working experience, the Yoga C940 and Yoga S940 come equipped with a 14-inch display that supports up to 4K IPS HDR with Dolby Vision™; immersing you in crisp and dynamic visuals, making it difficult for you to look away – perfect for visual and content designers.

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Yoga S940, the world’s first laptop with contour glass that wraps around its bezels for an enhanced edge-to-edge screen experience

Yoga S940, along with a 4K display edged with razor-thin bezels for the finest screen experience is optimised with Dolby Vision™ and Intel® Iris® Plus graphic performance. Its Dolby Atmos™ speaker system complements its visual performance like a perfect symphony. Meanwhile, Yoga C940 boasts a unique Rotating Dolby Atmos Speaker System that will always face you, however you’re using your Yoga.

Enhancing both visual and audio performance of both Yoga models, are their shared AI features that will filter ambient noise and blur out background noise so you can better focus on your music, conference calls or a movie. Now, who says work can’t be fun?

lenovo yoga 9

One of its kind, Yoga C940’s Rotating Dolby Atmos Speaker System offers premium audio quality at every angle

Ready to go, even on your first use

Depending on your Yoga model, your laptop could come with preloaded software that are essential for work. Which also means that you can immediately get going right after your purchase. Some noteworthy software available are:

  • Lenovo Vantage
    which simplifies your PC experience by making it easy for you to personalise your laptop settings from easy migration from old to new laptop, free WiFi Protection, Lenovo Security Advisor and more.
  • Microsoft Office Home or 365
    Depending on which Yoga model you selected, your laptop will come with preloaded Microsoft Office Home or Microsoft Office 365 which usually require separate purchase from vendor. With preloaded Microsoft Office, you can get to work immediately right after your purchase.

Lenovo Yoga series are made for professionals who want to take their work a step ahead. Through Lenovo Smarter Technology powered by Intel®, this optimises Yoga’s performance that will elevate your working experience further. With prices starting from RM4,099, you’ll surely find the perfect Lenovo Yoga to help you start working even smarter for both your career and personal use. For more information, check out Lenovo Yoga series here.

Yoga C940’s Garaged Pen lets you expand your creative possibilities 


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