Physical VS Virtual Credit Cards: What’s The Difference?
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Alliance Bank recently unveiled its brand new credit card, the Alliance Bank Visa Virtual Credit Card. It also happens to be Malaysia’s very first virtual credit card with a unique Dynamic Card Number (DCN) feature that lets you generate a new card number every 30 minutes. This disguises your actual card number, keeping it secure from falling into the wrong hands.

Besides that, there’s a handful of features targeted to offer an additional layer of security to its users, such as the ability to freeze/unfreeze cards instantly and generate virtual credit cards for each recurring payment, say for your streaming services or utility bills. And for every card, you can set a payment limit and a card expiry date.

Being one of the few virtual credit cards in Malaysia, you might be wondering how a virtual credit card differs from a traditional physical one. 

Let’s see how these two compare:

Now that you’re more familiar with how virtual credit cards and physical credit cards differ from one another, you can make a more informed decision on which one better suits your needs. 

If you’re looking to have a credit card with additional features designed to minimise fraud risks, consider applying for the Alliance Bank Visa Virtual Credit Card as it offers personalisation, convenience, and an extra layer of security. 

On top of that, there are zero annual fees for this virtual credit card and regardless of how many virtual cards or card numbers you decide to generate, it’s free! Cardholders will only be charged RM25 for SST annually for the Virtual Credit Card Static Card. Additional dynamic card number created will not result in additional SST charges.

Begin your application process today via the allianceonline mobile app.

Download the app via the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

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1 month ago

The above only show how to apply for the virtual card. I want to know how to use the card for purchases. Wipe /tap it?
Accepted by all merchants/outlets? Is there a limit to each transaction/purchase?
What supporting documents are needed for the application?
Do I still need to keep my physical cards?
Can I include other bank cards or only Alliance Bank cards can be used?

Thank you

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