Planning To Set Up An Online Store For Your Business? Here’s How
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In today’s highly digitised and competitive world, having an online presence is very important. It’s critical that people can easily search up businesses they’re interested in, learn more about them, and decide whether to engage with them. When businesses can’t be found online, it’s easy for people to simply lose interest or forget about them.

Having A Website & Web Store Offers A Myriad Of Benefits

Being on different social media platforms alone may not be enough as the user experience may be limited. Instead, having a website and webstore may be the best solution as it offers extensive benefits. 

With a website, a business can curate a personalised user experience that the target consumer can resonate with. They are able to pick and choose which messages come first and map out which ones come later. 

Besides that, a website is mostly customisable so they can freely choose their desired elements, shapes, colours, and layouts that best align with the business branding. On top of that, with a website, the business can add pages that customers would usually enquire about. This may be anything from an FAQ page to a contact page with different outlet locations and opening hours. Web stores also share the same benefits, with an added advantage of allowing customers to securely complete their purchases.

Plus, most websites and web stores come with analytical tools that allow data collection that could better improve site traffic. For example, if the highest traffic falls on a certain product category, the website could then be designed in a way where that product category is more easily accessible or visible so users would land on it even faster.

Having a website and web store can also be time-efficient, especially when they’re well-integrated between different platforms. For example, CIMB has made the digital journey more cohesive for SMEs or merchants with a streamlined auto-update feature. Businesses can simply upload new products on their website or web store and it will automatically be updated on their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as their preferred marketplace like Lazada or Qoo10.

Build A Website & Enhance Your Digital Journey With CIMB

CIMB has partnered with Shopmatic and iPay88 for SME Go eCommerce 2022 Campaign to offer Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) an opportunity to elevate their digital experience. SMEs can now explore having their very own digital storefront, enjoy 50% off on Do-it-For-Me Webstore & Website Packages, and start selling products digitally.

Learn how to begin by following the steps below:

Step 1: 

To get started, sign up for your preferred Shopmatic Design Service and use the promo code provided, which CIMB customers will receive via email. If you did not receive the promo code, you can request via email by reaching out to [email protected]

Choose between two Shopmatic Designing Services solutions: Do-It-For-Me Webstore or Do-It-For-Me Website. The website is a combination of multiple webpages that includes about us, products information, contact us and policy page whereas the webstore is an eCommerce store that allows users to perform transaction activities such as the purchase of a product/ service.

Both solutions include:

  • The design of five pages (Home, About Us, FAQ, Contact Us + A page of your choice) with up to 50 product listings
  • Set up of four functionalities – chats, social media links, linking site to a custom domain & enabling Facebook business extension (if Facebook business page is available) 
  • A 90-minute online training session, post-delivery of the completed website

Step 2:

Activate the iPay88 payment system on your Shopmatic Webstore or Website to get even further reductions on your selected option. With iPay88, you will be able to facilitate transactions and payment services which include checkout options such as online banking, e-wallets, and more via a link on the Shopmatic promo page.

Registered CIMB Business Account/-i holders can register their iPay88 account for just RM 488 and receive a RM 500 yearly subscription fee waiver.

You may be wondering – why should I sign up for iPay88? 

There are several benefits that you will get to enjoy:

  1. Easy integration – Begin your journey with ease. No highly technical skills required.
  2. Low Pricing MDR from 1.20% – Enjoy Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) from as low as 1.20%.
  3. Dedicated customer service support – Get the support you need with a team that’s ready to address your every concern.
  4. Real-time dashboard reporting – Timely insights that will help you learn more about your target customers.
  5. Secure payment gateway – All personal data is protected with PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance.

How To Enable iPay88


Having a website has its fair share of advantages, such as the flexibility to curate customers’ digital journey, the ability to add custom pages, and the freedom to design the website in ways that work hand-in-hand with the brand identity. On top of that, having an online webstore allows the business to pick and choose their preferred payment gateway, which could be a smart financial move, especially if other merchants or platforms eat into the revenue margin. 

If you have always wanted your business’ very own website, the SME Go eCommerce Programme allows Malaysian SMEs to easily start their digital journey at a 50% off discount. 

Click here to learn more about SME Go eCommerce Campaign.

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