Provide Purified, Pollutant-Free Air To Your Loved Ones For Less Than RM100/month
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Having the responsibility to care for our loved ones is no easy task. Regardless of our dependents’ age, whether they be in their golden years or early childhood, caretakers have to plan ahead of time, accommodate individual needs, make contingency plans, and manage crises whenever a situation calls for them. 

At home, parents typically bear the responsibility of preparing meals, planning vacations, and ensuring the house is in order, complete with everything we need. The Covid-19 pandemic made many of us rethink the importance of our health and as a result, air purifiers have become a sought-after household product.

There are plenty of air purifiers available in the market offering all sorts of features catered to different groups of people. One that has been lab-tested, has technologically-advanced features, is suitable for families, and looks visually pleasing, is All Clean Virus Fit by South Korea’s SK magic. 

Providing Carefully Purified Air At Home

According to Dr Amanda, a certified Medical Officer of Primary Care Services, breathing clean air is critical for human survival and so the air we breathe must be pure to nourish our lungs, blood, as well as the rest of our organs. Indoor air is evidently five to ten times worse than outdoor air, based on a study conducted by WHO

Indoor pollution can be even deadlier as it affects the everyday environment where many of us spend most of our time, Dr Amanda adds. She also mentioned that among the pollutants found inside homes, offices, restaurants, and leisure facilities are carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, household chemicals (from household cleaners or cosmetics), and even tobacco smoke.

Furthermore, having pets might increase the chances of bacteria being carried around the house and with Covid-19 continuously affecting Malaysians, our health remains a concern. 

As we prepare for the endemic, Malaysians’ continuous effort to combat Covid-19 still maintains at a steady pace. Having clean indoor air is crucial, even at home. All Clean Virus Fit is built with UV Arc Core Sterilisation technology which helps to sterilise the filtered air and at the same time, eliminate airborne virus, bacteria, and mould. 

The air purifier is equipped with an 8 stage All-in-One Care Filter with the ability to remove 99.99% ultrafine dust, restrains harmful pollutants, and even unpleasant odours.

On SK magic’s website, you can find a number of lab tests done in different institutes shows the effectiveness and performance of All Clean Virus Fit against Coronavirus, airborne black mold, airborne bacteria, and more. It is also recognised as a health equipment and medical device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) that could eliminate 99.99% of Covid-19 viruses including the Delta variant and common indoor air pollutants.

Apart from the 8-stage All-in-One Care Filter, SK magic’s All Clean Virus Fit air purifier also comes complete with a Double Antibacterial Filter that enhances filter hygiene.

User and Family-Friendly

While having a capable home appliance is important, it’s equally critical that the item is easy to operate. All Clean Virus Fit has a simple and intuitive display encompassing complete air quality management with ultrafine dust level indicator and 4-colour LED display.

The two smart sensors on the All Clean Virus Fit help caretakers monitor air quality in real-time. The gas sensor detects harmful gas levels while the PM1.0 dust sensor measures PM10, 2.5, 1.0 ultrafine dust particles. Together, these sensors help caretakers detect ultrafine dust and harmful gases instantly for effective indoor air quality.

There is also no need to point the air purifier in a certain direction as the All Clean Virus Fit cleans 360⁰ and has floor suction capabilities. That means the chances of dust and debris left behind by children and pets would significantly decrease!

On top of that, its UV Arc Core Sterilisation feature enables the elimination of remaining harmful viruses in an indoor area with a 5-second touch. The innovative structure is detachable and washable so when it’s time to clean, simply detach to give the interior fan and vent a thorough washing.

Sleek Design That Elevates Any Room

The All Clean Virus Fit comes in a minimal and harmonious design that blends seamlessly into most interior spaces. The simplistic and practical outlook makes the user experience straightforward. In fact, the distinctive design is recognised at the PIN UP Design Awards, an event organised by the Korea Association of Industrial Designers (KAID). 

Besides its clean design, the All Clean Virus Fit is embellished with a mood lamp that turns on when UV sterilisation is activated. So even when the air purifier is doing its job, it adds a little extra touch to the interior of a room.

Accentuated with a sleek cream beige grainy finish, the design is also created with the environment in mind. Eco-conscious folks would love that All Clean Virus Fit is created with recycled ABS plastics. This recycled material is what gives the air purifier its premium terrazzo effect. To add on, the use of All Clean Virus Fit helps restore the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 14%.


SK magic’s All Clean Virus Fit offers a comprehensive purification system that eliminates harmful pollutants that can keep your family protected. The lab-tested air purifier sports a pleasant aesthetic and is made from recyclable materials. If a family member has skin allergies, poor respiratory health, or is sensitive to airborne bacteria and poor ventilation, SK magic’s All Clean Virus Fit air purifying technology can benefit them greatly.

The All Clean Virus Fit air purifier will be available for rent for as low as RM99/month while stock lasts. For more information on All Clean Virus Fit by SK magic, visit their website. Alternatively, you also check out their Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube channel. 

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