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It goes without saying that saving is an essential habit that helps to prepare for emergency needs. It does not only benefit individuals but also groups or organisations who need funds to continue operating, such as social organisations, corporate bodies, and even the small and medium businesses out there.

A good example of an emergency is the current pandemic that has presented financial challenges to many Malaysians, be it individually or as an organisation. Now that we are on our way to recovery, the pandemic serves as a lesson to the importance of saving. Now is the best time to start, if you have not already done so.

That said, saving can now be more exciting when you save with MBSB Bank. To encourage more Malaysians to save, MBSB Bank is currently rewarding its customers with great prizes worth more than RM2 million with its Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya CASA-i Campaign. Read on for more details.

Individual And Non-Individual (Group) Savers Can Participate In The Campaign

What’s exciting about the Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya CASA-i Campaign is that it is open for both Individual and Non-Individual savers. “Individual” here refers to personal savings account holders, while “Non-Individual” refers to organisational savings accounts such as the ones opened for a school club, association, cooperative, and even a business operation.

To know whether you are eligible for the campaign, you may refer to the table below:

MBSB Bank Simpan Berganda Menang Berganda CASA-i Campaign

Individual CategoryNon-Individual Category
– Open to new/existing MBSB Bank customers;
– Aged 18 years old and above;
– Malaysian citizens and permanent residents
and non-residents;
– Joint Account holders (Individual below the
age of 18 years old subject to the account
being operated by a trustee);
– Malaysian citizens and permanent residents
under Trustee Account
– Sole Proprietors
– Partnerships
– Association, Clubs, Societies, Schools, Mosques & Religious Body 
– Corporative (New)
– Small Medium Enterprise (SME) (New)
– Non-SME (New)

How To Participate

The campaign is open for both new and existing MBSB Bank customers. However, only new MBSB Bank customers under specific groups in the non-individual category such as Cooperative, SME, and Non-SME accounts will be eligible for the campaign.

To participate, you only need to open a savings account or current account with MBSB Bank, then deposit and maintain or hold a certain amount in the account for a stipulated period deemed by the campaign. There is no further action required and winners will be randomly selected via a draw system.

Depending on your eligibility criteria, below are the draw categories that you may be running for when you save with MBSB Bank:

For Individual Category

  • Monthly Draw
  • Loyalty Draw (for those who have saved for a minimum of 1 year) 
  • New Savers Draw (New To Bank)
  • Digital Draw (New To Bank and have opened their account online)
  • Regional Draw
  • Special Draw (happening in October 2021, March 2022, and June 2022)
  • Grand Draw

Consumers must maintain a minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of RM100 to be eligible for Monthly Draw, Loyalty Draw, New Savers Draw, Digital Draw, and Regional Draw.

Meanwhile, to be eligible for the Special Draw, customers must maintain a minimum of MAB of RM3,000 for at least three (3) months. To be eligible for the Grand Draw, customers need to earmark or hold a MAB of RM3,000 for at least three (3) months for each quarter of the year.

For Non-Individual Category

  • Monthly Draw
  • Grand Draw

Similarly, for the non-individual category, customers need to maintain a MAB of RM3,000 to be in the running for Monthly Draw. For the Grand Draw, customers need to earmark or hold a minimum of RM10,000 for at least six (6) months before the campaign ends. To be specific, before 1 December 2021 – 31 May 2020.

Exciting Prizes Worth RM2,270,500 Up For Grabs!

MBSB Bank is rewarding its lucky savers with a myriad of prizes and rewards. They include premium vehicles, MBSB Bank e-wallet credits, gift cards, and shopping vouchers, cash prizes, and the latest Apple gadgets!

So, if you want to get your hand on these prizes, simply start saving with MBSB Bank today. The Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya CASA-i Campaign ends 31 May 2022, so you can still be in the running to bring home one of these prizes. 


MBSB Bank offers Shariah-compliant banking services for all Malaysians. Your bank deposit is protected by PIDM for up to RM250,000 for each depositor so you can save with peace of mind.

To open a Current or Savings account, you can visit any of MBSB Bank’s branches or better yet, conveniently open an account online. Individual savers get to be in the running for an extra draw; the Digital Draw, on top of the Monthly Draw, New Savers Draw, and more.

For more details about the campaign’s mechanics, prizes, and rewards, visit MBSB Bank website here.

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MBSB Bank Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya CASA-i Campaign
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