The LG Styler™, Premium Anti-Bacterial Clothing Steamer Made To Care For Your Family
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Start your day right and bright, with a fresh set of your favourite outfit every morning – because you’ll be amazed at how clean, crisp, and wrinkle-free clothes can set your mood for the day. If this makes up your ideal morning, imagine sharing this delight with all your family members, especially today when hygiene care has been on the top of our minds thanks to the pandemic.

As the movement restriction gradually relaxes and us moving forward with the new normal – what remains for sure is the importance of hygiene care. But besides maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and washing our hands or using hand sanitiser often, there is also the need to be mindful about what we’re bringing home from the outside that is invisible to the human eyes.

But hygiene care for you and your family everyday doesn’t have to be a hassle or mundane when you have LG Styler™, a premium steam clothing care that is suitable for all types of clothes, for every personality of your family members.

Here’s how you and your family can benefit from owning an LG Styler™.

It Eliminates 99.9*% Viruses, Bacteria, And Allergens

Powered by its proprietary innovation, the TrueSteam™ technology – LG Styler™ releases low-temperature steam, yet effective enough to kill 99.9*% of viruses, bacteria, and even allergens that could have gotten onto your clothing when you’re out of the home.

And it doesn’t stop at just sanitising your clothing, as the LG Styler™ can also sanitise your everyday items such as reusable face masks and your superbike’s helmet, or bigger household items that are difficult to wash such as your beddings and soft toys belonging to your little ones. As long as it’s made of fabric, there’s really no limit to what  LG Styler™ can sanitise, providing relief especially if you are a homemaker.

Besides that, the LG Styler™ can also act as a dehumidifier**, capable of extracting up to 10L of water every 24 hours.

*Tested and certified by British Allergy Foundation (BAF), Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), Jeonbuk/Chungnam National University, and Intertek

 **Not applicable to all countries

You Only Need One LG Styler™ For All Types Of Fabrics, Whatever Your Style Is

Say goodbye to the dry cleaner or any special laundrette service because LG Styler™ TrueSteam™ technology is gentle enough to steam any type of clothing – even your cool biker jacket, sophisticated business suit, or rugged mountain climbing windbreaker. Its low-temperature steam is gentle on all types of fabrics, protecting your precious fashion piece from any damage by high heat.

Furthermore, on the inside of LG Styler™, its moving hanger slides back and forth allowing for an even steaming process to soften any wrinkles and remove unpleasant odours.

This way, LG Styler™ allows you to care for your clothes personally at home, giving you both the convenience and peace of mind everytime you need to get your favourite one cleaned with specific instructions. Besides that, what’s more important is that you will know for sure that your clothes will come out clean, crisp, and fresh with every steam.

An Eco-Friendly, Hygiene Care For The Entire Family 

Especially if you have young ones at home, TrueSteam™ technology operates only with water so you can be rest assure that your clothing stays pristine without any long-term deterioration. There is also no chemical used, so it is safe even for your little ones.

And besides that, TrueSteam™ is also powered by an Inverter Heat Pump Compressor, a pump system that uses less energy to dry your clothes and thus suitable for regular use. You’ll also be glad to know that the pump compressor does come with a 10-year warranty so you can depend on LG Styler™ at ease.

But what about the maintenance? You might wonder.

LG Styler™ comes with a detachable water container which gives you easy access to fill and drain the water needed in order for the TrueSteam™ technology to work. So no hassle, just convenience.

Easily Monitor And Control Your LG Styler™ At Your Fingertips

LG also understands that you may not want to hang around waiting for your clothes to be done. So as a brand that’s dedicated to making life good for you, LG Styler™ is connected to LG ThinQ™ app that allows you to monitor and control your LG Styler™ remotely.

This way, you can leave your LG Styler™ to work while you focus on the next important thing you got on your to-do list. Most importantly, you can also conveniently download additional “cycles” or steaming settings for different fabric types in your wardrobe.


The LG Styler™ could be the one additional home appliance that fits both your family needs and also into your home just right. Not only that it gives you and your family peace of mind when it comes to hygiene care, but it also helps save your time and money spent visiting a special cleaning service in the long run.

Available in two design variations – mirror and white, LG Styler™ is sleek in design and can easily complement your modern home interior. Visit LG Styler™’s website to find out more about this premium anti-bacterial steam clothing care today.

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