The Spirit Of “Muafakat” And Ta`awun Go Digital, Offering A Community-Based Takaful Protection

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Recently launched in November 2020 by Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN), PruBSN Aman is the first mobile app in Malaysia to offer peer-to-peer (P2P) community-based Takaful protection with death benefit of up to RM7,000 and khairat benefit of RM3,000 for its participants.

What’s special about PruBSN Aman is that since it is developed on a mobile app platform, you can easily subscribe to the Takaful coverage and upon successful subscription, be instantly connected to a community that supports one another during challenging times, which also allows you to give back to the community for the greater good.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of P2P, it is a risk sharing network where every individual in the community shares the cost of a pre-defined risk. Think of it like a gotong-royong – where the spirit of “muafakat” or togetherness and the concept of Ta`awun, an arrangement to help one another based on mutual assistance are clearly demonstrated within the community.

If you grew up in a kampung – chances are that you would be familiar with how everyone would come together to help out when a family is holding a kenduri for a special occasion. Working together brings joy as the community supports one another, whilst also bringing mutual benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Join the Community with Only PruBSN Aman Mobile App 

To subscribe to PruBSN Aman takaful coverage, you can simply download the PruBSN Aman mobile app which is now available on Google Play and App Store. Its user-friendly interface allows for an easy registration process, with no medical examination required.

Participants of PruBSN Aman are required to make an Advance Contribution of RM120 to get started. As PruBSN Aman is a Shariah compliant Takaful coverage an upfront wakalah fee of RM30 will be deducted from your Advance Contribution with the remaining RM90 deposited into your Mutual Account. Besides the upfront wakalah fee, there are also an annual wakalah fee of RM15 and wakalah claims fee chargeable to your account, accordingly.

So How Does PruBSN Aman Work?

As mentioned above, to participate in PruBSN Aman you would need to pay an Advance Contribution of RM120. After the RM30 upfront wakalah fee deduction, the remaining RM90 will go into your PruBSN Aman’s Mutual Account.

The bigger the community that you participate in, the bigger the pool of contributions that will be used to support claims payments made by any of your community’s members, in the event of death that occurs within the community.

Let’s say for example, there are 3,000 members in the community that you participate in. In this case, the collective Advance Contributions deposited into the Mutual Accounts would have totaled to RM270,000 (3,000 x RM90).

What Happens When A Community Member Makes A Claim?

Your Mutual Account will only be deducted when a member of your community makes a death claim. As PruBSN Aman offers takaful coverage of RM7,000 for death benefit and RM3,000 khairat benefit, every member is entitled for a claim of RM10,000 in total.

Besides that, with 4% wakalah claim fee payable for claims made within a month (regardless of the number of deaths), RM10,000 + 4% wakalah claim fee = RM10,400 is the total claims payout that would be shared equally among community members.

In this instance where the size of community consists of 3,000 members, it would mean that each member would be contributing RM3.47 (RM10,400 ÷ 3,000) to the total claim payout, deducted from the participant’s Mutual Account.

The maximum claims share deduction is capped at RM20 per participant every month. In the case where there are a high number of death claims made within a particular month, the remaining claims share deduction will be carried forward to the following month. If your Mutual Account balance falls below RM40, the contributions in your account will be automatically topped-up via the app.

PruBSN Aman – Made Even More Convenient for Claim and Nomination 

PruBSN Aman is thoughtfully designed to provide transparent details of your account. Not only you can view the live statistics which include the number of participants in your community, your Mutual Account balance, and other details, you can also easily nominate your nominee and submit a claim (if you are a nominee) via the app.

In the case of unfortunate events when a participant has passed away, PruBSN Aman enables his or her nominee to remotely submit the death claim via the app. If the participant’s nominee or next of kin decided to engage any funeral services management with MyAngkasa Mukmin, PruBSN Aman’s affiliated Funeral Service Provider, the RM3,000 khairat benefit will be paid directly to MyAngkasa Mukmin. Alternatively, if the nominee chooses not to utilise this exclusive funeral services, a total of RM10,000 shall be paid to the nominee.


PruBSN Aman is truly an exciting P2P concept mobile app-based takaful coverage that marries tradition with technology. Not only is it developed with a complete line of features which caters for easy subscription and profile maintenance, accessing e-statements, claims submission and processing status, and more – you would also get to enjoy referral rewards of RM5 deposited into your Mutual Account as your Advance Contribution, for every new sign up recommended by you. This RM5 reward can be utilised for any subsequent Claims Share deduction incurred within the PruBSN Aman community!

That’s not all, as from now until 31 December 2021, new participants who subscribe to PruBSN Aman are also entitled for free Covid-19 coverage which offers RM1,000 cash relief upon hospitalisation and RM10,000 death benefit paid in lump sum upon death due to Covid-19 within the coverage period. If you would like to learn more about the free Covid-19 coverage by PruBSN Aman, you can read further here. 

Meanwhile, the PruBSN Aman app is available for download on both Google Play and App Store. To find out more about PruBSN Aman, you can read the product disclosure sheet here. Additionally, you can also visit PruBSN Aman’s website for more information.

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