Yoodo Launches Customisable Unlimited Plans, Starting From RM35/Month

yoodo unlimited plans 1

yoodo unlimited plans 1

Celcom-backed Yoodo has launched its own unlimited telco plans, offering its customers unlimited data as well as the liberty to customise certain features. The Yoodo Unlimited starts at a price of RM35/month and also allows you to pay extra for any additional amounts of hotspot data, voice call minutes, and SMS messages that you need.

To begin with, there are two base unlimited plans offered by the telco, priced according to their speeds. The unlimited plan with a speed of 3Mbps is going at RM35/month, whereas 6Mbps will cost you RM43/month. Both base plans also offer you the following benefits:

  • 2GB roaming data (must first be activated with a separate Roam Like Home Pass)
  • 2GB hotspot data
  • 50 minutes of voice calls
  • An extra perk of 20GB for PUBG gaming (high-speed internet)

From these basic benefits, you can then go on to tailor your own unlimited plan, increasing the amount of services that you need. For instance, if you need more than 2GB of hotspot data, you can increase it to 5GB for an additional RM20/month, or the maximum 20GB for RM30/month. Meanwhile, those who make frequent calls or send frequent SMS messages can max out both services at 2,000 minutes and 300 SMS messages, respectively – for RM12/month each.

Ultimately, you’ll be paying an additional RM54 in total if you decide to max out all the services (20GB hotspot data, 2,000 minutes of voice calls, and 300 SMS messages).

yoodo unlimited plans 3

In addition to these, Yoodo customers can also opt to top up their unlimited plans with data, voice, and SMS booster packages, along with Power Passes (large quota of high-speed Internet). There are also app-specific add-ons available if you are only interested in getting extra data for selected mobile apps, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

Head on over to Yoodo’s website to find out more about its customisable unlimited plans. You can experiment with the sliders to find out the different rates that are applicable.

(Source: SoyaCincau)

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