AirAsia Charges Up To RM30 Counter Check-In Fees To Encourage Contactless Check-Ins

airasia counter check-in fees 2

airasia counter check-in fees 2

AirAsia has implemented counter check-in fees for selected countries and cities in a bid to steer customers towards using its contactless check-in kiosks and the check-in feature in its mobile app.

According to a statement by AirAsia, the fees are set at RM20 per customer for domestic flights and RM30 for international flights (or its equivalent in local currencies). However, they can be evaded if travellers check in through AirAsia’s website, mobile app, or airport kiosks instead. Aside from within Malaysia, the fees are also applicable in Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, as well as Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Honolulu. Here are the fees in the different currencies:

airasia counter check-in fees 1

You can pay the fees by cash or credit card at the airport, or pre-pay them online using the “My Booking” feature on the AirAsia website and mobile app. Note that pre-paying via the “My Booking” feature is an extra step that you need to take after you’ve completed your ticket purchase; you cannot pre-pay the counter check-in service when you’re booking your flight tickets.

  • Log in to your BIG member account and go to the “My Bookings” page.
  • Click on “Modify”, “Add Ons”, followed by “Airport Shuttle, Car Rental, TuneTalk & More”.
  • Select “Counter Check-In”, and make your payment.

However, the counter check-in fee will be waived for a selected group of travellers. The list includes guests with reduced mobility, Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed guests, as well as guests affected by schedule changes and flight cancellations. Customers who are unable to complete web, mobile, or kiosk check-ins due to system errors are also exempted from the fees.


The chief operations officer of AirAsia Group, Javed Malik, said that AirAsia has seen a high adoption of the self-check-in services through its website, mobile app, and airport kiosks in recent times. “Thus, the implementation of the counter check-in fees is a way for us to further encourage guests to use these digital technologies, which we have invested enormously in, to promote and enhance operational efficiency, and guest convenience,” he said.

Javed also commented that these facilities have been essential in helping AirAsia minimise physical contact between its guests and staff as the flight operator implemented the standard operating procedures amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find out more about AirAsia’s counter check-in fees at its website or its FAQ.

(Source: AirAsia)

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