7 Signs You Should (Probably) Quit Your Job

Quitting a job can be pretty unthinkable especially with the current job market. But there are times when leaving can be the best step forward for your career.


Quitting is difficult especially in this harsh economy, but that’s exactly why people get stuck in dead-end jobs with no future. While your situation may be tolerable now, it’s important to recognise the optimal time to leave your job for bigger and better things. Here are some signs to look out for to know whether you should tender your resignation!

1. Your Health is Affected

This is a major one. A bad back, difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, and poorer eyesight, are just a few of the several signs of declining health people ignore just to keep plugging away at their job. Pay attention to you body and remember that you must function before you can work.

2. You’ve Stopped Learning

Lack of excitement and passion at work can largely be attributed to a decline in learning new things on the job. What’s worse is that the more you go on working without learning, the worse your resume looks like when you eventually leave. This is also a big sign.

7 Signs You Should (Probably) Quit Your Job

3. Your Skills Aren’t Put to Good Use

We all want to feel rewarded and valued for our unique contributions, but when we’re put in a position where we’re not used well, it’s either a sign of mismanagement or a sign that we should go and find a workplace that knows what to do with us.

4. You Don’t Fit Your Company’s Culture

Working as a team requires all members to understand each other’s expectations, quirks in communication, and how each other manages their position. A company culture naturally develops around the way the team members work, but if you can’t jive with them that well, going to work everyday can turn into a regrettable chore.

5. Your Relationships Are Suffering

This creeps up on you slowly and can be difficult to notice until it’s too late. Once you start prioritising your time at work over time spent with loved ones, it might be time to reconsider how much you value your job.

6. Your Company’s Outlook is Not Looking Good

Random restructuring, abnormal turnover rates compared to the rest of the industry, questionable management decisions, and more can signal a company that’s about to go down, or not as stable as you want it to be. Notice a sinking ship and abandon it fast, before you sink with it.

7. Your Side Gig is Taking Up More of Your Time and Earning You More

If you’re already doing side jobs (and many of you have) and you want to know whether or not you should go full time, take stock of how it’s doing for you. If you’re spending more time with it and it’s also earning you more, perhaps it’s time to strike out on your own.

These aren’t the only signs that your job might be worth leaving, but if you notice more than 4 of these at your current job, we recommend you polish up your resume and start searching. Good luck out there!

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