Why you should read your Credit Card terms and conditions!

The biggest lie ever told by the majority is the tick that says 'yes we read the terms and conditions'! Our super infographic will show why you should read them!

Have you read your credit card terms properly? If you haven’t; here are 4 reasons you need to get crackin’.
1. Fees, fees, fees. Late payment fees, government tax, interest, cash advance. A credit card has many fees. You need to know how to avoid as many as possible!
2. Credit limit. Know your limit so you don’t overspend and pay more fees.
3. Payment due dates. Your payment due is not necessarily the end of the month. Know when it is to avoid (yes) more fees!
4. Perks. Reward points, cashback, discounts – a credit card can have some or all of these. So make use of them.


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