4 Things to Know About EPF Withdrawals

Most people may have heard that it is possible to withdraw their EPF savings before retirement but few realise how helpful this can be in a time of need. Here are 4 things to note about EPF withdrawals.

While your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) savings are no doubt very important for retirement, there may be times in life when having access to a large amount of money may make it just as important to withdraw it earlier.

If you have considered withdrawing your EPF money for prior use before the age of 50, 55, or 60, here are some fast facts you should know to help you along.

1. What are the EPF withdrawal rules?

Do you know just how many things you can withdraw your EPF for beyond retirement? There are actually a total of 15, which covers a wide range of situations.

  • Age 50/55/60 withdrawal
  • Withdrawal to reduce/redeem housing loan
  • Incapacitation withdrawal
  • Leaving country withdrawal
  • Education withdrawal
  • Pensionable Employees Withdrawal And Optional Retirement Withdrawal
  • Members' Investment Scheme
  • Withdrawal to purchase/build a house
  • Withdrawal of savings of more than RM1 million
  • Housing loan monthly instalment withdrawal
  • Death withdrawal
  • Health withdrawal
  • Hajj withdrawal
  • Flexible housing withdrawal
  • PR1MA housing withdrawal

There sure is a lot of reasons the EPF allows you to withdraw, simply because the situations above regularly requires a large sum of money upfront. For most Malaysians, there are several types of EPF withdrawals to highlight.

  • Age 50/55/60 Withdrawal: This is the most common form of EPF withdrawal. When you reach a certain age, the EPF allows you to withdraw (partially or in full) the savings in Account 2. You have the option to withdraw EPF savings at age 50 or 55 (either partially or fully), or at age 60, when you can then withdraw any amount at any time.
  • EPF Withdrawals for Housing: When you reach a certain age, owning your own home will be high on your list of things to do. You can withdraw from your EPF to cover house down payments, principal repayments, and even building a house from scratch. You can also withdraw EPF for monthly home instalments. An important note: you cannot withdraw EPF funds for house renovation - it isn't listed in the types of withdrawals.
  • EPF Withdrawals for Medical Payments and Equipment: Subject to the list of approved critical illnesses by the EPF board, you can make withdrawals to cover the cost of treatment and buying approved medical equipment not just for yourself but also close family members. While we cannot stress enough the importance of having a medical insurance policy, this should at least help if you do not.
  • EPF Withdrawal for Education Including PTPTN: Tertiary education is exceptionally expensive these days, and while PTPTN has done a good job of assisting those who need help with paying for tuition fees, it may be difficult to immediately repay your study loan in the years after you start working. With that in mind, the EPF allows you to withdraw your EPF savings to partially pay for your PTPTN loan. Of course, EPF's education withdrawal is allowed for more than just PTPTN. Recognised institution tuition fees and other study loans are also allowed.
  • Withdrawals for Those Leaving the Country: If you are planning to migrate and renounce your citizenship, the EPF allows you to withdraw your entire EPF savings. The same applies to foreigners who have worked in Malaysia but are returning to their home country. Whilst the requirement to renounce citizenship is a big decision, if you have made it - more money is always good to have.

2. Procedures for Withdrawal Are No Longer Lengthy

Although the exact procedure for each withdrawal and the documents required may be different, withdrawal of your EPF money is no longer an arduous process of days spent in the EPF office.

Check their website to find out just what you need to prepare and pay close attention to the terms of each withdrawal. The reason some withdrawals become multi-part sagas is because people go in without first knowing what is required of them. In the dawn of the internet, most information is available to you just a click or two away.

In fact, with the EPF i-Akaun, you can even request for a withdrawal online via e-Pengeluaran. Otherwise, you can head to the nearest EPF office or send it in via post with the necessary documentation. You can also do so by post, but we recommend going to the counter to avoid postal complications with your sensitive data!

3. Web Forms Are Available for Select Withdrawals

For some of the most common withdrawals such as education and housing, you don't even need to move from your computer. EPF has invested in the creation of web forms for your ease of use.

Check out the main page of listed forms and you'll notice a bracketed indication of which withdrawal comes with a web form. It's as simple as filling in the details online.

Once you've done that, EPF will credit the money within the stipulated 2 weeks.

4. There is a Time and Amount Cap on (Most) Early Withdrawals

Save for selected withdrawals that involve permanent, life changing events, such as the one for leaving the country for good, there is a cap to how much you can withdraw from EPF - and when.

For example, housing loan withdrawals are only allowed once a year and only from your Account 2 funds. This means that if you applied on, say, 16 April 2018, you cannot apply to withdraw again until 16 April 2019.

The amount is also limited to what you have in your Account 2 and subject to a minimum. These requirements may differ for each withdrawal so do check with EPF before taking the day off to head to the branch (yes, we speak from experience).

If you're thinking of withdrawing, remember that EPF is important for your retirement and however much you can afford to leave in there will be helpful.

That said, it is also helpful to have a roof over your head in old age. If you're now ready with withdrawal forms to buy the house of your dreams - you'll need a good home loan to get you through. We've got a home loan calculator and home loan comparison list to find you the best one!

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Jamuna

    I woked for 6 months after l keft school .now in UK for over 40years i now realise i have EPF in my job in Malaysia whih i nevet collected. I am now 64. Can i still colkect EPF .If so, where doni go

    • RinggitPlus

      Hi Jamuna,

      You can follow Step 2 on our article as above.
      Or you can also contact your nearest KWSP building and make an enquiry.
      Hope this helps!

    • A.Mukherjee

      I was working in a private affiliated school. i worked there for 15 years. , left the school on 12.04 .2016. I have an EPF account . for one and half year no money has been deposited. Can I keep the account as it is. Will I get any interest or not on my accumulated fund. Please reply .I am not getting proper answer from any where. I want to know the rules.

      • RinggitPlus

        Have you tried contacting KWSP about this? They would be able to provide further clarification on this matter.
        Thanks for your question, we hope this helps!

      • Paul

        I am a Australian citizen 50 years and want to withdraw my EPF.
        I have some loans and credit cards to settle in Malaysia.
        My due payments are all up to date
        Can i settle the amount owed after i withdraw my EPF?
        Can i create a EPF online account online from Australia?
        Please advise.

        • Paul

          1) Can you please advise how long it takes to withdraw my epf into my bank account after renouncing my Malaysian Citizenship in Malaysia.
          2) After renouncing my Malaysian citizenship in Malaysia. Can i withdraw my epf online from Australia.
          I am afraid after renouncing my citizenship i may not have enough time to do my EPF withdrawal in Malaysia.
          I reallyappreciate your help.
          Thank you!!!

          • RinggitPlus

            Hi Paul,

            You can withdraw your Malaysian EPF at any time, and you can create an online account from anywhere in the world.
            If you're still unsure, we recommend contacting KWSP yourself for further clarification.
            Thanks for your question!

          • lindsay

            im a foreigner and i have been contributing for only 4 mos but im afraid my company won't renew my contract. is there minimum months that i should contribute before i can withdraw? would i still be able to withdraw my epf if i only contributed for 4 or 5 mos?

          • Hilda

            I'm a malaysian , now have moved to NZ , currently working in NZ with resident visa , paying tax and I have opted for retirement contribution called Kiwiwaver in NZ. I am now 42 . Would it be possible for me to withdraw my EPF in Malaysia ?

          • Lee Christine

            May I know if it's possible to re-deposit into EPF after withdrawal at retirement and if yes, any limit and time frame involved?

          • Soonitha

            I am 46yrs old a and hd there kids just wanted to know is there any new rules from GE14 where I can claim my EPF due to my financial. Tq

            • RinggitPlus

              Hi, Soonitha

              There are no new rules on the matter of withdrawing funds from EPF that we are aware of. We suggest contacting EPF for more information and advice.

              Thanks for the question and we hope this help.

            • Jimmy Tan

              I m abt 18 mths to retirement age of 55 & now not working due to minor health problems. Can l withdraw my EPF money?

            • Ganesh

              Can I withdraw my EPF yearly dividend if i am not working due to health problem ?
              To withdraw as monthly basis .

            • JD

              can you withdraw early from account 1 to pay off house loan due to loss of income such as unemployed for over 1 year ?

            • SC

              Hi, can we withdrawl for house renovation use?

            • Jonas

              Will the kwsp staff use my ic number to withdraw the money?

              • Haniff

                We can withdraw from Acct 2 when we reach 50. Can we keep withdrawing (repeated withdrawals) from account 2 as we are still working? Or is it just a one off withdrawal from acct 2 at 50Yeas old. Thx

              • David K

                March 29 2019 i will be 54. I would like to collect my epf @ 90%.

              • David K

                Ok i am 53 going to be 54 @ march 2019. I had a operation at GH 2016 @ RM 13K which paid by cash. Was employed at 2 companies duration 6 months on 2017 & 2018. Is it possible to withdraw 75%/90% of my epf.

              • Sithra

                Hi if I am unemployed for 1year. I am 48yrs old. Can I withdraw my epf

                • Tutti

                  Can account 2 without for car loan??

                • Sebastian

                  I am about to reach 53 years old this july . Can I withdraw 75 % or 90 % of my total epf ? Fyi , at age 50 years , I did withdraw once . Can I withdraw 75 % or 90 % of the total epf now ?

                • Yogesh

                  If a person is bankrupt can be or she withdraw EPF

                  • william

                    can i withdrwan mu EPF ACCOUNT 1?

                    • SRI GANESH

                      Hi my name is ganesh. i got epf around 50k but got some bad debts with banks, what happen if i die and couldnt pay the debts?

                      • Agalyah devi Panjalinggam

                        I m 48 and I would like to withdraw some money to buy a lap top for my son’s college studies. Can it bedone.

                        • <a href="http://www.kuekong.com">Kuek</a>

                          If a person is bankrupt can be or she withdraw EPF

                          • Gracce


                            Is it allow to withdraw epf fund from my husband account? If the house without he name, the house only my, name ( spouse)

                            Is it allow for the withdraw?

                            Please advise


                            • Reiniisha

                              Hi,Is EPF can be withdrawn to payback my ptptn debt?or for marriage expenses?

                              • Roberto

                                Hi there, if I withdraw from account 2 for house loan, will they directly credit them to the loan ar will they debit to my savings account? Olease reply. Planning to withdraw soon.

                                • Saw Chee

                                  Can anyone tell me if I can assign my withdrawal on retirement age to my children?

                                  • iskandar

                                    i'm taking my money and its abandon ship for me! heehee

                                    • Chen

                                      I got no money in EPF oso to withdraw. better they siap close my account.

                                      Oklah... got lah... maybe RM467...