Top 5 things you need to know about personal loans

Thinking of applying for a personal loan? Here are the most important questions to ask before doing so.

Personal loans are a good way to get cash on the double for whatever you may need it for. But for many, the need may come at a time where they are simply too hard-pressed to pay much attention to terms and conditions.

The good thing about personal loan products is that they seldom differ. For almost every personal loan; there are only five salient questions you need ask yourself and the bank in question to get the information you need to make a decision.

#1: Is a personal loan necessary?

Personal loans can come with quite a few fees, charges and some high interest rates. Consider if there is no other option besides a personal loan at present. If it is not an emergency; consider saving up over a period of time or if that isn’t an option; refinancing property could provide additional cash at a lower interest rate (but you will still be charged legal fees for a new loan agreement!).

Credit cards may have a higher interest rate but there is the added flexibility of repaying everything within a shorter period without a penalty fee.

Before even considering the technicalities of a personal loan, ask yourself if you’ve truly exhausted every other way to obtain the money.

#2: Do I need security/particular relationship with the bank to qualify?

For some personal loan products; loans are only given to those with a fixed deposit, investment fund, unit trust or some other account (such as a savings or credit card) with the bank in question. Sometimes it isn’t so much a pre-requisite for approval but a way to get a loan with a lower interest rate.There are also loans specially for civil servants or government-linked company workers. Find the best loan for you.

#3: How much interest will I be paying?

For most people, loan tenures are unlikely to be just a year and thus, it will be important to consider how much interest you will be paying for the whole duration of the loan.

New Bank Negara guidelines have reduced tenures of personal loan financing to 10 years. However, most loans to non-government sector employees are not affected as tenures are usually capped at 7-8 years. Even at this number; the level of interest paid for a 6 year loan can be extremely high.

Typically, a loan amount of RM10,000 with a 9% p.a. interest rate will cost you the following amount in interest depending on 2, 4 or 6 tenure.


Loan amount

24 months
48 months
72 months
Principal repayment

Interest payment

Monthly repayment amount

Total interest paid
  RM1800 RM3600 RM5400

For each year, the interest rate will be calculated based on the opening amount and not the remaining balance for most personal loans[1]. As such, you will be charged the same amount of interest every year no matter how much of the principal you’ve repaid. As illustrated above; a six year tenure for an RM10,000 loan is charged interest up to more than half the borrowed amount. However, the repayment monthly only differs by a small amount. Paying off your loan in two years saves you RM3600[2]. Stretching out your loan for a longer tenure can make the monthly payments more affordable but total cost of the loan goes up significantly.

Here’s a graphical look at the reduction of monthly repayment versus the increased interest rate:

#4: How much can I afford to repay every month?

Looking at the interest charged above; if you can afford to repay your loan quickly, it would be advisable to do so. Consider all commitments. However, if the minimum is all you can afford to repay; it will be inevitable to choose the longer repayment schedule: paying more interest but with a lower risk of defaulting.

#5: What other fees and charges will I incur?

Many are shocked to find that the disbursed loan amount is lower than what they had applied for after deducting the banks ‘fees and charges’. If you were to apply for a loan at exactly the amount you require; the shortfall may cause some inconvenience. There may also be penalties for early settlement or late payment. Some banks even require that you take out Takaful insurance on the loan and this will cost you in insurance premiums. Always check the bank terms for one or more of these most common fees and charges:

1.  Processing fee

2.  Stamp duty

3.  Early termination fee

4.  Late payment penalty fee

5.  Insurance fees

Personal loans can become an even bigger burden than any other loan product because of late payment fees and high interest rates. Always consider these four vital points before signing on the dotted line.

[1] Very few personal loans work on a reducing balance method. Do check with the bank of choice which method they would employ to calculate your interest.

[2] Based on a comparison with a six year loan.


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  • christina Sumai

    hi may I know email address to email my app form and documents.

    • RinggitPlus

      Hi Christina,

      If you would like to apply for a personal loan head on down to the link below.

      Check out the many offers we have and click "Apply Now". Fill in your details and we will get in touch with you soon.


    • yani

      saya nk buat pinjaman express.. tap gaji kasar sye 1390. bole ke sye buat pnjaman dekat easy rhb ?

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi Yani,

        Gaji minima untuk Easy by RHB mesti RM18,000 setahun (RM1,500 sebulan).

        Terima kasih.

      • jeeva

        hi im jeeva i have personal loan 10000 from alliance but ineed extra loan i f can

        • RinggitPlus

          Hi Jeeva,

          If you're eligible and you get approval, why not? We recommend trying for a bank other than the same bank you already have a loan with to spread out the risk in case you default.
          Borrow responsibly!

        • Ija

          Hi.I got SAA. Any bank loan can help me?

          • RinggitPlus

            Hi Ija,

            We're sorry, but what do you mean by SAA?

          • Raf


            I am an expat with visa till 2017 Nov and my employer will be giving me perm post in the company, can I apply a personal loan?



            • RinggitPlus

              Hi Raf,

              Your application might be much easier to approve once you've began work with your new Malaysian employer for a while.
              It's definitely better than only having a visa without employment. Hope this helps!

            • Rizwan

              Hi, I am expatriate and my monthly income is more than 70k. I am interested in loan. Which bank facilitates foreigners for Loan?

              • RinggitPlus

                Hi Rizwan,

                All banks will accept loan applications. Whether or not they reject you based on the details you provide. We hope this helps!

              • Eshana

                Hi, Eshana here.. i would like to know which loan is suitable for house renovation.

                • SB

                  What is the different to apply loan from bank and ringgitplus?

                  • muna

                    hi, i want to apply for rhb easy to settle my pending car loan, will there be any issue because of my car loan due to pending?

                    • Satish Nair

                      I need to apply for a personal loan for RM300,000 for a tenure of 10 years. Which bank is the best to take this loan from?

                    • Rubee

                      Hi , Im working in a private company with the salary of current RM3000.00 per month . Can I apply for a personal loan of 35K .
                      is that possible

                      • RinggitPlus

                        Hi Rubee,

                        Of course that's possible. Check out our personal loan calculator, input your earnings and loan amount, and find out which loans fit your needs! :

                      • mole

                        hi my annual income bout 19000 and working as insurance agent.. can I get personal loan?

                        • RinggitPlus

                          Hi mole,

                          Of course you can. You just need to be a bit more careful with how you report your earnings to the bank so they understand that you have the capacity to service the loan.
                          If you're still deciding on which loan to take, you can check out our personal loan comparisons page:
                          Hope this helps!

                        • Ritz

                          Hello, I am a foreign investor in Malaysia and would like to apply for a personal loan of $50K MYR for a short term. Do you know any of the bank provide such service? This is my first time fallen into hardship in a foreign country. Please help.

                          • RinggitPlus

                            Hi Ritz,

                            Most banks won't have trouble taking in your application, but you may need to provide some extra information or guarantee via your employer.
                            In general, they'll allow your application, but they will take some extra steps to make sure you can service the loan prudently.
                            Check out our list of personal loans and see if any of them suit your needs:
                            Hope this helps!

                          • Zura

                            Hi...if we got ptptn ctoz still can apply personal loan or i know depend to the bank right..which bank can give personal loan

                          • mahes

                            Hi afternoon

                            I m looking for house refinancing which bank is the best to apply

                          • ROSNANI LUKAS

                            Hi, my monthly salary is only rm1200 only. Can I make a personal loan?

                          • Ezekiel

                            Hi , I want to apply personal but I am confusing which bank to apply because my salary RM1300 and I am contract staff .
                            Some more my wife is blacklist .

                          • Anna

                            Financing rate for Personal Financing-i RHB currently 3.99% (fixed rate)

                            • Mohamad Kamal

                              Gaji minima 1500 sebulan tu,kasar atau bersih?

                              • RinggitPlus

                                Gaji minima 1500 tu berpandukan jumlah yang tertera pada slip gaji.

                              • Dhia

                                Saya tidak bekerja tetapi mempunyai simpanan ,bolehkah saya membuat pinjaman peribadi

                                • RinggitPlus

                                  Hi Dhia,

                                  Boleh apply, tapi peluang nak lulus tak berapa bagus. Lagi elok kalau ada pekerjaan supaya bank lagi yakin yang duit yang dipinjam tu boleh dibayar balik.

                                • hanna

                                  sy berminat nak bt easy loan..sblum ni ada CCRIS..tapi sda settel ( ada release letter dr bank ). But belum update nama d CtOs,adakah sy boleh memohon loan ? Express loan ? gaji Kasar dlm 2k sebulan

                                  • RinggitPlus

                                    Hi hanna,

                                    Boleh pohon, tapi peluang untuk layak agak kurang. Kami cadangkan anda teruskan bayar apa-apa komitmen yang sedia ada untuk beberapa bulan lagi sampai nama dah update di CTOS.
                                    Lepas tu, baru peluang kelulusan permohonan akan baik sikit. Kalau berminat nak tengok jenis pinjaman peribadi mana yang sesuai untuk gaji anda, boleh rujuk calculator ni:
                                    Terima kasih!

                                  • chung ket leong

                                    Yes, if i need. How to apply it..

                                  • Kaamatchii a/p Mark Jacob



                                    Im interested to apply personal loan

                                    Please advice me tq.

                                  • mohd syahar

                                    Untuk tambah modal

                                    • dean

                                      what about under AKPK?
                                      still can apply?

                                      • Ringgitplus

                                        Hi Dean, approval will be up to the bank. Usually, AKPK cases are unlikely to be approved until their debt under AKPK is settled.

                                        If you'd like to try, you can apply here:

                                      • indradevi

                                        I want improve my bussiness.please. Help me.

                                        • suryanie bte muhidin

                                          I want to create a revolving loan for my business

                                          • nizam

                                            How can i apply it. Im low salary
                                            Email or call me

                                          • Gayatry

                                            Hai i would like to apply for personal loan for my housing renovation.
                                            Kindly pls advice me on it .

                                          • Shirley

                                            sorry for disturb ,
                                            i'm interest for apply personal loan .
                                            im low salary , i need it urgently
                                            Kindly let me know the detail .

                                          • Seew

                                            I need for new business!

                                          • mieza

                                            hai i very interested for apply personal loan because i want settle CTOS. Please help me i'm work with shipping company in sector swasta.
                                            i hope have somebody cant help me for apply personal loan.

                                            • Ringgitplus

                                              Hi Mieza, it will be hard for people with CTOS bad history to apply for personal loan. Sorry. If you'd like to try anyway, you can find the available loans here:

                                            • Vikram

                                              I am a foreigner, So which banks offers personnel loan for me

                                              • lilian

                                                HOW TO APPLY ...PLS

                                                • Aliff

                                                  Hi RinggitPlus, let say we comply with all of the requirements for personal loans, usually how long would it takes to wait for bank's approval?

                                                  • RinggitPlus

                                                    Hi Alif, varies from bank to bank. Fast approval personal loans, such as Easy by RHB, can be approved within ten minutes if you walk into the branch. Note that you might pay a higher interest rate for some loans that offer that kind of express service. On the whole you should expect a bank to take up to two weeks to process a loan application.

                                                  • byebyebye

                                                    how can define pre-approved personal loan from bank? they told me i got the loan and waiting my document to complete the the the amount they told me is guarantee amount i can get? please adviced

                                                    • RinggitPlus

                                                      Hi, you will need to check with the bank in question what this means as it can be different for each bank depending also if you have other loans/credit cards/accounts with that bank. Usually, if you have not submitted your income documents, there is no guarantee you will get the amount you have asked. The bank will consider your application, all your other loans and then decide if they will approve your loan and if so - for how much.

                                                    • Rajan

                                                      Hi, Im working one of the private company seance 1 year plus with no deduction of EPF.. and my previous company was deduct.. now im having some pending payment from some banks. almost bad record. i would like to apply 100k.. is it plan want to clear my CTOS and make in one payment... kindly advice

                                                      • RinggitPlus

                                                        Hi Rajan,

                                                        It looks like it might be helpful for you to contact AKPK to see how they can help you out.
                                                        Their services are free and they can help you manage your debt better.
                                                        Thanks for your question!