Here Are The Official Prices Of The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR In Malaysia

Apple has officially unveiled the retail prices of the new iPhone models for the Malaysian market - and they will not be affordable.

After its global announcement last month, Apple has officially unveiled the retail prices of the new iPhone models for the Malaysian market. They’re not yet available to purchase, but maybe it’s a good thing Apple is announcing the prices early – they will not be affordable.

This year, Apple announced three new iPhone models: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. While the iPhone XS and XS Max are successors to the iPhone X, the iPhone XR is the “affordable” model, with a similar design and hardware, but with a choice of colours that would appeal to a younger crowd.

At the heart of all three models is Apple’s next-generation A12 Bionic processor, an industry-leading chipset that’s been reported to be as fast as processors from desktop computers. iPhones generally have a much longer lifespan than most Android phones not just because of the software support that can go up to three years, but it’s mainly because of the efficiency of its processors.

Following the design of the iPhone X, this year’s models all no longer sport the iconic home button, with Apple going all in on the bezel-free notched display that has been copied many times over by Android smartphone companies this year. It relies purely on a new gesture-based navigation that may take some getting used to, but feels fluid and intuitive.

Other hardware aspects of the new iPhones have been bumped too, with the XS and XS Max models both packing more memory and larger batteries than before. The most obvious change is in storage space, with Apple offering up to 512GB of internal storage.

But, as with everything new and shiny, the new iPhones also carry quite hefty price tags. Here are the official retail prices for the new iPhones in Malaysia:

  • iPhone XS 64GB: RM4,999
    iPhone XS 256GB: RM5,699
    iPhone XS 512GB: RM6,649
  • iPhone XS Max 64GB: RM5,399
    iPhone XS Max 256GB: RM6,099
    iPhone XS Max 512GB: RM7,049
  • iPhone XR 64GB: RM3,599
    iPhone XR 256GB: RM3,849
    iPhone XR 512GB: RM4,299

As mentioned earlier, the new iPhones are not yet available for purchase at the moment. Apple Malaysia’s website does reveal that they will be available for pre-order from 19 October at 3:01pm.


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  • Kelvin

    1.) Apple DID NOT create the notch design. Sharp did. Followed by Essential Phone. Apple just copied them and made it trendy.
    2.) Apple phones do not last longer than Android. In fact they tend to break faster as they are more fragile.

    Get your facts right.

    • QSniper

      Thanks for speaking the facts :)

    • ChanWaiYee

      i wan can installment

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi, ChanWaiYee.

        This depends on whether Apple or any of its merchant will accept this method or not. I hope it is not an instalment for your kidney.

        Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

      • John

        Trust apple to repackage their technical limitations by making it seem like the notched screen is a trendy feature to have
        *insert facepalm here*

        • J. Cross

          @ Kelvin

          How can you compare a phone with an OS "Apple phones do not last longer than Android"? That's a flawed statement right from the beginning!

          • Tech Savvy

            Apple copy Android's notch design actually. If you don't know tech, don't post thing regarding to tech, keep it to financial will be better for you.

            • DongHua Djun

              Now whose App;e Fan boy |?

              • Din cj

                Good price of iphne