Alliance Bank Game Challenge Offers RM100,000 Grand Prize, Chance To Enter Malaysia Book Of Records
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Alliance Bank is organising a Visa Virtual Credit Card Finger On App Challenge, which will see the bank and eligible participants play a game in an official attempt to gain entry into the Malaysia Book of Records with the Longest Finger Press on Phone title. On top of that, participants will also stand a chance to win a grand prize of RM100,000, as well as cashback of up to RM300. 

Open to all Alliance Bank cardholders, those who sign up for this campaign are required to check in to their Alliance Bank mobile banking app during specified sessions to play a game, where they hold their finger to the phone screen and follow a moving dot for as long as possible (this could go up to days!). As you do so, there will also be challenges that you need to overcome in order to stay in the game.

Depending on when you opt to play this game – the campaign is set to take place in two different sessions – you will stand a chance to win a cashback reward of up to RM300, or a grand prize of RM100,000 and the chance to enter the Malaysia Book of Records. The details of the two sessions are as follows:

  • Session 1: 20 October 2023 (8pm) until 22 October 2023 (11.59pm)
  • Session 2: 27 October 2023 (8pm) until 29 October 2023 (11.59pm)

Under Session 1, participants will earn their cashback rewards based on how long they’re able to follow the moving dot and stay in game – but note that this Session 1 reward is only provided to Alliance Bank Virtual Credit Card (VCC) cardholders on a first-come first-served basis. Those who are not a VCC cardholder are allowed to participate and play as well, but they will not earn any cashback.

Based on their holding time, VCC cardholders will earn a specified amount of cashback per minute, tiered according to the rate stated below:

TierHolding time (minutes)Cashback rate (per minute)Total entitlement
11 – 120RM0.10RM12.00
2121 – 240RM0.20RM24.00
3241 – 360RM0.50RM60.00
4361 – 480RM0.80RM96.00
5481 – 600RM1.00RM120.00

So for instance, if you manage to stay in the game for as long as five hours (300 minutes), that will entitle you to a total cashback reward of RM66 (RM12 + RM24 + RM30). Note that the maximum cashback that you can earn in Session 1 is capped at RM300 (which means that you technically stop earning cashback after you hit the 9 hour and 48 minutes mark), and each cardholder only gets one chance to play. If you do win, the cashback reward will be credited to you within sixty days after the end of the campaign period.

As for Session 2, there will be one grand prize of RM100,000 to be won by the final winner of the game, whose name will also be entered into the Malaysia Book of Records for the Longest Finger Press on Phone. Of course, this means you’ll need to be prepared to battle it out with other players – which could mean keeping your finger to your phone screen for up to almost three days!

Those who have participated in Session 1 are allowed to join in to play during Session 2 as well, but similarly, they only get one chance. Unlike the cashback rewards in Session 1 that are exclusive only to VCC cardholders, however, this Session 2 grand prize can be also won by non-VCC cardholders.

The grand prize winner will be notified by Alliance Bank within 14 days after the end of the campaign, either via a phone call or a social media post. You’ll then be invited to a prize giving ceremony organised by the bank to collect the prize.

If you’re interested to give this challenge by Alliance Bank a go – and potentially earn yourself a title in the Malaysia Book of Records – you’ll need to register your participation by filling in the online form on the Alliance Bank VCC campaign landing page (within the Alliance Bank mobile banking app). Once registered and verified, make sure to go through the game tutorial as well as terms and conditions, then prepare yourself for the big day(s)! Best of luck!   

(Source: Alliance Bank)

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