HSBC Introduces Voice ID Biometrics Solution For Telebanking Services In Malaysia
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HSBC has launched its voice biometrics solution, Voice ID, for customers in Malaysia – making us the first Southeast Asian country to receive the bank’s upgraded security technology.

With the introduction of the Voice ID solution, HSBC aims to provide quicker, safer, and more convenient access to its telebanking services. Customers will be able to use the voice recognition technology to verify their identities during their calls to the bank, thereby removing the need to remember passwords or answers to security questions.

“With the introduction of our Voice ID solution, retail customers in Malaysia will have even quicker and easier access to their bank accounts while leveraging a more secure form of identification; using customers’ unique voiceprint which will help protect their accounts against fraud,” said HSBC Malaysia’s head of wealth and personal banking, Tara Latini.

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To tap into the benefits of the Voice ID feature, eligible telebanking customers must first register via a dedicated HSBC Voice ID enrolment hotline. During the registration, you’ll be prompted to repeat a standard passphrase (“My voice is my password”) three to five times so that a unique voiceprint can be created. You also have the option to speak in Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. The whole procedure is expected to take less than three minutes.

Once you are enrolled, you can then proceed to use the Voice ID passphrase instead of your Telebanking PIN (TPIN) to use HSBC’s telebanking services. Note that to register for HSBC’s Voice ID, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Have an active HSBC bank account
  • Already registered for HSBC’s telebanking services
  • Have a consolidated TPIN or a valid mobile number maintained in the system for SMS OTP authentication

hsbc telebanking voice id

In its FAQ, HSBC also reassured its customers that it will be extremely difficult for imposters to commit fraud attacks by imitating your voice. This is because the Voice ID solution measures more than 100 physical and behavioral factors on how your voice is produced. In other words, Voice ID creates your voiceprint based on the way you speak rather than the sound of your voice.

The same reason also explains why Voice ID will still be able to verify your identity even when you have a cold or sore throat. Should the Voice ID function fail, though, you will be transferred to speak with HSBC’s customer service representatives instead.

You can find out more about HSBC’s Voice ID feature for telebanking on its website. Alternatively, if you’re ready to enrol, you can call the HSBC Voice ID enrolment hotline at 03-8321 800.

(Source: FintechNews Malaysia)

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1 year ago

Someone random guy called me today, asking whether I can hear him or not. I said ‘Yes’ then I heard a ‘beep’ sound and he hang up. I suspected he recorded my voice saying ‘Yes’. Should I make a police report or inform Bank Negara? I would really appreciate it if you can help me with my concern to take a precautionary measure for the future as it seems this is the only 3rd party website mentioned about this other than the bank.

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