4 Signs You Should Definitely Get a New Phone

Are you unsure if your phone really needs to be upgraded? Go through our quick checklist to know for certain!


Mobile phones don’t last forever and there will come a time when you have to let your old phone go and pursue an upgrade. Here are some clear signs your phone should go into retirement, and you should start hunting for a brand new one:

Your Screen Makes You Scream

Whether it’s scratches, cracks, bubbles or cloudiness on your screen, it’s time to get your phone replaced. Not only will you have trouble reading what’s on the screen, you probably won’t be able to type or swipe easily either.

4 Signs You Should Definitely Get a New Phone

The worst scenario would probably be water damage, where your screen will be rendered completely dysfunctional most of the time. Also, if you have a touch screen and it no longer responds to you, whether fully or parts of it, then you know it’s time.

Your Battery is a No Go

Normally healthy batteries have a capacity to last between 10 to 20 hours. If you have to run around looking for a plug point to charge your phone every few hours, something is up.

A phone’s battery capacity fades with age, and if your phone is more than 5 years old when this problem pops up, a visit to the repair shop won’t really help for long. So, you should consider a more permanent solution.

Your Apps Don’t Work Right Anymore

If the rest of your phone works fine, but particular apps aren’t working quite right, then it might be your phone that needs replacing. Apps are constantly updated to include the latest features which can use up more resources than an aging phone can keep up with.

In fact, some newer apps may not even be compatible with your device anymore if it’s old enough. When you find that your essential everyday apps are getting wonky, you know it’s time for an upgrade.

That Annoying ‘Insufficient Space’ Message

If you get a pop-up telling you your phone doesn’t have enough space whenever you want to store pictures, download songs or save files, it’s a sign that your phone isn’t built to take on much data. Which can only be solved with an upgrade, unless your phone uses removable storage like e microSD card.

Having not enough space for digital items also means that your mobile isn’t keeping up with your lifestyle, and you should upgrade to one with much more storage space for all your favourite things.

There are actually plenty of affordable mobile phones nowadays. If you’re looking for one mobile phone that comes with a communications provider contract, we have the ultimate comparison chart to help you choose the best products available.


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