How Much Money is Your Trash Worth?

Well it is Earth Day, and we figured out how you can contribute and save the planet as well as doing something for your wallet in the process.


Happy Earth Day! It’s our happy humble home and to be honest, we haven’t been very nice to it for the past couple of centuries. In fact, last March was recorded as the hottest the world has ever gotten to, temperature-wise, ever.

That’s pretty scary considering it’s most certainly our fault. But don’t wallow in self-pity over this. We can make a difference, still! One of the easiest ways to do this is to recycle some of the materials we use everyday to cut down on waste. Not only is it an important environmental initiative for us to take part in, it can also be quite lucrative.

IPC’s Recycling & Buy-Back Centre for example offers cash in exchange for bringing in recyclable materials. How much cash for how much recycling? Let’s find out, in order of price.


How Much Money is Your Trash Worth?

If there can ever be a poster child for our gross neglect for nature, it’ll be plastic. Never mind that it’s made from synthetic non-renewables, that it stinks when it catches fire, and it’s annoyingly noisy, plastic is also just plain bad for you.

Did you know the expiration date on plastic water bottles are not for the water, but for the bottle? That is to say, the bottle becomes toxic after being out for a while. For such a biohazardous material, it’s a surprise we still just dump them in the trash. We shouldn’t. So for this Earth Day, let’s save a poor seagull’s life by separating our plastic bottles, takeout containers, party utensils, packaging, wrappers, and convert them to cash instead.

Payout: RM0.10/kg


While some of our more tech-forward friends may have declared the end of paper’s importance in our daily lives, the truth is that most people are still cutting up plenty of trees and using them up every day. You probably have some lying about right now.

Some things you may not think of as paper actually can be recycled in the same places that recycle paper. Materials like cardboard, cards, and some forms of packaging are also made of paper and can be recycled the same way.

Payout: RM0.20/kg


The ubiquitious alloy aluminium, isn’t terribly hazardous for the environment. That is to say, aluminium cans when they’re out and about in the world doesn’t pollute the air or choke animals badly like plastic does.

However, the process by with bauxite is turned into aluminium is the major cause of harmful air pollutants. It’s also substantially more expensive to produce aluminium from raw bauxite than it is to make new cans from recycled ones. So let’s do our part for the environment and collect the empty cans after a night out in exchange for the most lucrative payout yet.

Payout: RM2.50/kg

Save the Planet

There you have it. The three major recyclable materials you may already have hanging around your house. All it takes now is to separate them and head on over to IPC for some quick returns on investment for saving the planet. Speaking of saving, why not head over to our savings account comparison tool to check out the best savings account that fits your needs?

Have anything to contribute to the article? Let us know in the comments section below! Happy Earth Day!


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