How to Put Your Pets to Work and Have Them Earn You Money

Pets are not for making money, but there are fun things you can do with them that happen to also make you money. Here are some things you can do for both fun and profit with your pets!


While we’re sure most pet owners would rather spend money on their pets than make money with them, rest assured there’s plenty of ways to get that done. Of course, we’re not suggesting you put your kitty to work and make her earn her cat food, but if you’re already doing some of these things below, we think it’s good for you to know that you can make some money from them!

Enter Them In Competitions

Pet competitions like the ones held annually in Pet World Malaysia can earn your pet cool prizes including cold hard cash. Training your pets to do well in these contests involve doing things you’re probably already doing to keep your pet healthy, like grooming them well and getting them plenty of exercise.

How to Put Your Pets to Work and Have Them Earn You Money

Besides earning money, these competitions are also good for keeping your pets socially active and introducing you and your pet to other pets and owners. Having a wide social circle is good for your pets too, as it is for people.

Model Your Pet

If you have a pet that’s praised often for their shiny fur, piercing eyes, or other photogenic features, you can consider letting your pet become a model. Take (or have someone take) professional photographs of your pet and send them around to modelling or advertising agencies.

You get to brush up on you photography skills and your pet gets to star in print ads for newspapers or magazines. They might even get featured in video ads if they’re good enough. Imagine watching your pet make more money than you by appearing on television!

Put Your Pet on Social Media

If you or your household has observed particularly funny or adorable behaviour from your pets, you can record them and post them on social media. We’re sure you’ve heard of internet-famous pets before, like Grumpy Cat or Shironeko. All you need to get your pet up to those levels of fame is a constant stream of cute and funny pictures or video.

The cash comes less immediately than competitions or modellling payouts. You need to be patient in producing stuff about your pet and be willing to work on generating a community around your fluffy friend. Once your following reaches a certain high, you can look forward to earn extra cash via ad revenue, affiliate marketing, or endorsement or sponsorship deals.

Use Your Pet to Promote Your Business

If you already have your own business that you’re working on, why not use your pet to help promote it? People love seeing pets on their feeds and timelines already, so why not include your pets in your promotional material, too?

Imagine a picture of your product being used in a poster ad. Now imagine the same thing, but with your cute little pet in the picture. Suddenly, one of them is way more appealing and clickable than the other. This works even better if the product you’re selling is pet-related anyway, like pet shampoo, pet food, or pet lodging services.

Almost nobody gets a pet so they can make money off of them. But like we said, since most of us are already doing some of the things said up there, why not make some extra money off of the fun times we and our pets are already having? Have fun!

Got anything else to add to the article? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!


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