Subtle Signs Your Job Interview Probably Didn’t Go Very Well

Job interviews can be hard to navigate already, but it’s even worse when you have no clue how you did. Here’s a few signs that can tell you if you did badly.


There area many sources online you can check out if you want to know how to prepare yourself for a job interview. But what about preparing yourself for what happens afterwards? There are few feelings of dread quite like not knowing whether you’ll get a life-changing career opportunity or a dead-end email thread. It’s better to know for certain that you didn’t get the job rather than hanging on false hope. Thankfully, we found some signs that can tell you when your job interview isn’t going as good.

The Interview Was Short

When looking for somebody to work with it’s not just a matter of skimming through the resume and list of references. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t need to appear in person, would you?

Subtle Signs Your Job Interview Probably Didn't Go Very Well

The interviewer may ask about your hobbies, your aspirations, and your background to get to know you better as potential work buddies. A short interview (as in, shorter than you expected) can mean they have little interest in actually bringing you on board. Sorry.

You Didn’t Meet The Person You Expected

Suppose you were scheduled to meet the person who would be your immediate supervisor or somebody in your department, but you end up seeing just the hiring manager or human resources instead.

While this may happen due to a scheduling mishap or somebody being on MC, if you’re seeing just the HR person they may just be going through the formality of an interview after already accepting a candidate who came in before you.

The Questions Were Too Easy

In the same vein as before, if your position requires practical applicable knowledge like software programming or database management, you should expect some tricky questions that test your abilities.

However, if these questions end up being a little too easy or entry-level for the position you applied for, they might just be going through the motions of an interview after already deciding on an earlier candidate.

The Interviewer Didn’t Mention The Next Steps

Some positions require immediate knowledge of the next steps in the interview or followup information. Like which branch you’ll be assigned to, a second round of interviews, or a request for more personal details they can use to keep you on file. If the only thing you hear is “thanks, we’ll get back to you”, then it’s also possible you won’t be getting the job.

While these signs by themselves may not be enough reason to forget about the position you applied for entirely, a combination of 2 or 3 of these in an interview might be more than enough to call your attention. If you notice several of these signs, just keep interviewing and chasing after that position you want and rightly deserve! We believe in you!

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