Things You Should Never Buy Over the Internet

You can get a lot of stuff online if you know where to look, but there are things you should never buy from the web, no matter how cheap they sell it. Here are the things to avoid!


Buying things online seems the more convenient choice. However, there are some things that are too personal or too dear to be bought online. These include items of great value or items that need to fit your specific taste and requirements.

As such, here are some of the things that you should never consider buying online as the risk of regret is too great:


Although all shoe sizes are based on the length of your feet, what truly determines their wearability is actually the shoe’s cutting. That is why you sometimes need different sizes for different shoes.

Things You Should Never Buy Over the Internet

For example, a person with a size 7 feet length can fit into a 6.5 sized shoe for one type yet can only fit in a size 8 for another type. Not to mention the different numbering systems in use across in different countries.

Medicine and Drugs

Nowadays, it is possible to buy all sorts of controlled and uncontrolled medicines online. However, due to the abundance of counterfeit stores selling drugs of questionable source and manufacturing procedure, it is best to stay away from them.

This is because you never know what has been added to these drugs, or whether they even contain what they claim to have. The most dangerous of all is that they are not subject to any regulation and may even poison you. So stay away unless you’re a trained professional pharmacologist.

Perfume and Fragrances

If you regularly use only one fragrance and are buying it online to top up, then buying online is completely fine. However, if you are undecided or want to experiment with new fragrances, then buying online is not a wise choice.

You should always take the time to actually smell the perfume, eau de cologne or eau de toilette before deciding on which to buy rather than judging a fragrance by their description, packaging or colour. Which is impossible to do over the internet with current technology.

Tailored Clothing

It’s there in the word, isn’t it. Whether you want to make a formal suit, evening dress or costume, try never to hire an online tailor to make them. This is because tailor made clothing requires a lot of accuracy and the best way for that to happen is for there to be fitting, which are sessions where your tailor puts the finished product on you and then makes the final adjustments so that the outfit will fit you like a glove.

This cannot happen if you merely give your measurements to an online tailor who cannot meet you in person, which often results in ill fitting clothes.

Despite the rapid progression of technology, some things are still better done the old fashioned way, as they ensure your financial security. However, that is no excuse not to keep up with the times, check out Malaysia’s best home internet packages from our site.

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