YouTube Channels That Make You Financially Smart
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YouTube has no shortage of passionate people who love sharing their knowledge and experience on various topics under the sun. You can find extensively thorough reviews, lectures, discussions, and examinations of various subjects in multiple languages.

In fact, YouTube can be an excellent source for learning and keeping up with our favourite subject matter: finances. If you’re all out of adorable Korean toddlers or happy meal toy reviewers to subscribe to, check out these insightful and entertaining YouTubers who talk about money.

Crash Course: Economics

As the name implies, Crash Course is a channel that seeks to inform viewers in various scholarly topics in a fun and engaging way. With wise-cracking hosts and animated sections, their videos are designed to pull you in while simplifying complex ideas at the same time.

We recommend checking out their playlist on Economics where you can learn about supply versus demand, why inflation happens, and why we use money. Understanding the basics of economics (which is more about managing resources than it is about money) can help you look at your finances more clearly and aid you in making better decisions about them.

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance advisor, he runs a highly successful blog, and is author of the the New York Times Bestselling book on the subject, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”. Far from being an aspirational motivational speaker, Ramit’s videos talk about strategies to get to where you want to be as an entrepreneur, with actionable steps at the end of each video.

He even includes stories and lessons from others who have succeeded under his tutelage. Ramit’s videos range from quick answers to questions like when you should make the leap and start working for yourself, to 15-minute lessons on how to negotiate your salary, to soft skill advice like how to be confident or how to answer difficult interview questions. Even if you don’t yet wish to be an entrepreneur yourself, you will still find useful insight and applicable steps you can use in your regular life.

The Cheap Life

Jeff Yeager, the “Ultimate Cheapskate”, hosts this series of videos aimed at providing tips for frugal living. Each video is liberally sprinkled with humour and Jeff’s goofball delivery making it plenty of fun to watch. The content mostly consists of quirky tips on how to save money in your everyday life.

The tips include how to use up slivers of old soap, save money on the web, or how to drive more efficiently. Even if you’re just watching his antics for entertainment, the tips and advice he provides can be genuinely useful for squeezing out every last sen from your expenses.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur is a North American publication that carries news stories about small business management, business opportunities and the trends related to them. Their YouTube channel is laid out much like a magazine with multiple different things going on at once. You can find business news, predictions, along with practical advice and growth strategies for your business.

Professionally produced with a high frequency of uploads, it is a good channel to subscribe to if you’re looking to fill up your news feed with a plethora of different styles of finance-related content.

Do you think you are financially ready to start investing? Maybe try doing so, with something safe like fixed deposits. Head on over and check out our comparison tool to start your investment journey.

Now that we’ve shared our favourite YouTube material for saving and making money, it’s your turn tell us yours! Do you think we missed any hidden gems in the depths of YouTube? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images via Crash Course, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, AARP’s The Cheap Life, and Entrepreneur Magazine!


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