Standard Chartered Teaser Website Further Hints At The Launch Of New SC Smart Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank has begun teasing the upcoming launch of a new credit card for the Malaysian market. The bank has launched a microsite clearly showing a brand new card face – but still without any info for now.

There’s still not much information for us to go on from the website, aside from the “Live Smart” slogan and a call for customers to “stay tuned”. However, we do get a sneak peek of the new card, which is shown to be silver-hued, with a greyscale of the Standard Chartered logo set against the background. Our first glimpse of the card also revealed that it will likely be a Visa Platinum card.

Standard Chartered further hinted via a Facebook post that visitors can click around the interactive website to find a hidden surprise. If you do discover it, you’ll be treated to some pretty adorable pop-ups of Albert Einstein – as well as a cryptic message of another hidden surprise to be revealed in the following week. Based on the message, the surprise will most likely be an exclusive sign-up bonus for the new card.

This is the second time the bank has made reference to a “Smart” credit card. Earlier this month, StanChart posted of a new SC Smart credit card in a notice to selected Visa Rewards Platinum cardholders.

You can head on over to Standard Chartered’s interactive teaser website to try your hand at finding this week’s hidden surprise. We’ll also be keeping up with the upcoming reveal of the new Standard Chartered Smart credit card, so do stay tuned!

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