Public Bank’s Visa Campaign Offers Up To RM100 Cashback For Overseas Spend
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Public Bank is running its FLY and SPEND with PB Visa Credit Card campaign to offer eligible cardholders up to RM100 cashback when they spend a specified cumulative minimum amount via overseas transactions in a month. Already ongoing, the campaign is slated to run until 31 December 2022.

Open to all Public Bank and Public Islamic Bank principal Visa credit cardholders, you will first need to register your credit card to participate in the campaign. After that, go ahead and spend the required cumulative amount to earn cashback rewards of RM80 or RM100 per month:

Cumulative amount of overseas spend in a campaign monthCashback amount (per month)
RM2,000 – RM2,999RM80
RM3,000 and aboveRM100

Transactions that are eligible for this campaign include all overseas retail spending, online purchases, and new zero interest instalment plans (full purchase amount only). Meanwhile, transactions such as flexi payments, balance transfers, recurring payments, payments for utilities, insurance, and direct marketing, as well as split payments are not accepted. 

Do also note that the cashback rewards are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, and are capped at a maximum of RM100 per cardholder each campaign month. A total of RM400,000 has been allocated for the whole campaign, with RM100,000 earmarked for each month.

If you manage to win any cashback rewards, they will be credited into your account within four to eight weeks after the end of each campaign month. This will be reflected in your credit card statement, itemised under “FLY and SPEND with PB Visa Credit Card – Month 1 to Month 4”.

To register for this promotion, go ahead and send an SMS (“PBHL<space>16-digit principal Visa credit card number”) to 66300. If you have multiple Visa credit cards with Public Bank, you are required to register only one credit card number; your expenses on all other cards will then be automatically tracked for the campaign as well. 

Finally, cardholders who enrol in this campaign will not be eligible for other Public Bank credit card campaigns during the promotion period.

(Source: Public Bank)

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