Luno Malaysia Rolls Out Multiple Coins Feature For Easier Diversification Of Portfolio
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Luno has rolled out a new Multiple Coins feature that allows customers to buy several – or all – of the platform’s supported coins in one single transaction, at a reduced fee of 1.75%. This is with the aim of enabling cryptocurrency investors to diversify their portfolio more conveniently.

In a statement, Luno explained that customers will be able to tap into the Multiple Coins feature via three options:

Multiple Coins optionsTypes of crypto involvedDetails
Most popular coinsInvest in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) onlyAmount invested will be split equally across all three cryptocurrencies
A piece of every coinInvest in all nine cryptocurrencies that are available on Luno:
– Bitcoin (BTC)
– Ethereum (ETH)
– Ripple (XRP)
– Solana (SOL)
– Cardano (ADA)
– Chainlink (LINK)
– Uniswap (UNI)
– Litecoin (LTC)
– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Amount invested will be split equally across all nine cryptocurrencies
Choose your own comboInvest in a combination of your own selected coinsInvestors will have the option to tailor the combination to their own preference

Meanwhile, the purchase fee for the Multiple Coins feature is reduced to 1.75% (whenever you buy multiple coins in a single purchase), as compared to the 2% typically charged for each purchase made using Luno Wallet or Instant Buy. So as you can see, this option will not only simplify the process of diversifying your crypto portfolio – allowing you to buy several coins at one go – but also help you save during the process.

To use the Multiple Coins feature, launch your Luno app, and tap on the “Buy” button on your Wallets screen. From there, you will see all three Multiple Coins options offered under the “Reduced Fee Combos” section. Enter the total amount that you’d like to invest, proceed with your payment – and you’re done!

Luno is one of the four digital asset exchanges that are recognised by Securities Commission Malaysia, and has had an official presence within the country since 2019. Since then, it has increased its range of offerings to include various alternative coins – such as Chainlink, Uniswap, Cardano and Solana – in addition to the usual options of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

(Source: Luno)

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