Maybank Releases MAE Card, A Debit Card For The MAE Wallet

Maybank has introduced its very own wallet-tied debit card, the MAE Visa Debit Card. The MAE Visa Debit Card is tied to Maybank’s MAE e-wallet, which now has a new home in the new MAE by Maybank2u app.

With a trendy vertical design and striking yellow colour, the MAE Visa Debit Card allows MAE users the additional option of paying by card at merchant outlets instead of the sole QR scan method previously. Transactions paid using the MAE Visa Debit Card will be deducted from the MAE wallet – unlike a conventional debit card, which is linked to your savings or current account.

Keeping track of your expenditure on the MAE card is also easy as all transactions are recorded on the new MAE app. Furthermore, the MAE Visa Debit Card can be conveniently frozen or unfrozen with a simple tap on the MAE app should you lose or misplace it.

The MAE Visa Debit Card comes with its own set of travel perks, including competitive foreign exchange rates. Moreover, the MAE wallet has helpful features such as automatically converting the wallet balance to the currency of the country you are in. With international travel not currently an option now, cardholders can still capitalise on the favourable rates when using the MAE debit card to shop online from foreign brands. Maybank also said that the debit card will come with exclusive perks for cardholders to enjoy both locally and abroad.

Another attractive feature of the MAE Visa Debit Card is that you can apply for it digitally without having to make a visit to the bank. Both new and existing MAE users can apply for the debit card through the new app and carry out the eKYC process without the need for in-person verification. The MAE Visa Debit Card will then be delivered straight to your doorstep in seven working days.

You can apply for the MAE Visa Debit Card by downloading the new MAE app on Google Play or the App Store.

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3 months ago

Still doesn’t understand the benefits of mae card vs the saving debit card
Mae card need to pay rm8

abd hadi mohd radzi
3 months ago

how to activte mae debit card…

2 months ago

My mae maybank card until now not yet deliver in my place

Hamidi Nor
1 month ago

How competitive is your currenct exchange rate? Does it includes processing fee and does it as competitive as Bigpay?

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