BigPay Credit Card Top Ups Reduced To RM2,500 Starting Tomorrow

bigpay card

bigpay card

Starting tomorrow, BigPay will cap the maximum amount for top-ups using credit cards to just RM2,500 – half the amount from the most recent revision just three months ago.

In an email sent to users just a few moments ago, BigPay stated that this revision will go live starting tomorrow, 2 June 2020. As it stated in the March update, the reason behind this revision seems to be the credit card fees that BigPay absorbs. In fact, the email from today is basically a carbon copy from the one sent in March:

Dear Pang,

We are changing our fair usage policy for top-ups using credit cards. From June 2nd, we will be reducing the monthly limit for credit card top-ups to RM 2,500. Topping up via debit cards and online banking will remain unlimited and we encourage you to continue using these sources. We’re also working to introduce new top-up methods in the coming weeks so you can have more choice when topping up your BigPay.

At BigPay, we’re committed to offering you fair financial services. We do this by keeping our costs low and passing the savings onto you. However, credit card companies charge us fees – that we absorb – so that our customers can have more options for top-ups. We will continue to do this to make it fair for all our customers to use our basic products and services at low / no fees.

Thank you for your support.

Team BigPay

bigpay paynet 1

As can be seen in the email above, the “new top-up methods in the coming weeks” hint is still there. While it isn’t confirmed what exactly it may be just yet, it is strongly believed to be the support for PayNet’s DuitNow, allowing users to transfer funds from virtually any savings or e-wallet account that supports DuitNow.

Debit card and online bank transfers will remain unchanged, with no transfer limit. Unlike the last revision though, it looks like BigPay is giving users one last opportunity to reload up to RM5,000 into their accounts using credit cards.

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