BigPay Reduces Credit Card Top Up Limit By 50%, Effective Immediately
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BigPay is announcing a huge change to its credit card top up option by reducing the limit by half. Effective immediately, users can only top up their BigPay wallet via credit cards up to a maximum of RM5,000 a month.

In an email sent to all BigPay users, the company stated that the main reason for this revision is due to the fees charged by credit card companies for each transaction. Currently, BigPay has been absorbing this cost as a means to allow more option for the user to top up funds.

BigPay users who wish to top up funds today will find a pop up notification informing them of this change. If you’ve already topped up above RM5,000 this month, you won’t be able to top up with credit cards until next month. The company’s support page has also been updated to reflect this immediate change.

The company maintained that credit cards will remain an option to top up funds, alongside debit cards and online banking. Interestingly, BigPay also hinted at “new top-up methods” in the coming weeks. Given the recent announcement of BigPay joining the DuitNow ecosystem, it looks likely that some form of integration with DuitNow and DuitNow QR will be announced soon.

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Here’s the email in full:

Hi Pang,

We just wanted to let you know that we’re changing our fair usage policy for top-ups using credit cards. From now on, we will be reducing the monthly limit for credit card top-ups to RM 5,000.

Topping up via debit cards and online banking will remain unlimited and we encourage you to continue using these sources. We’re also working to introduce new top-up methods in the coming weeks so you can have more choice when topping up your BigPay.

At BigPay, we’re committed to offering you fair financial services. We do this by keeping our costs low and passing the savings onto you.  However, credit card companies charge us fees – that we absorb – so that our customers can have more options for top-ups. We will continue to do this to make it fair for all our customers to use our basic products and services at low / no fees. 

Thank you for your support.

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Alvin Lim
3 years ago

Hi Pang,

The reduce of credit card limit top up is due to many users abuse to maximise cash back from credit card and didn’t spend using Bigpay.

3 years ago

Not all user receive the email and some user tap the top up button got special notifications inform them about the limitation. Looks like BigPay highlighted some customers in their list.

3 years ago

This has come to an end for those who merry go round – top up BP with credit card and withdraw from ATM later on.

Good job to stop “money laundering”.

3 years ago

Kan lin-nia!! I topup every month RM10k to milk cash back from SC JOP, LFC, PBB QM, HSBC Amanah.

So what can I do now??

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