Why It Pays To Invest In An International Education For Your Children
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Starting a family comes with many heartwarming moments, priceless lessons, and unforgettable challenges. As parents, we often ponder on how to raise our children to become well-rounded and successful individuals. With education as an integral part of a child’s development, one of the most important decisions a parent has to make is choosing the right school for your child. 

The rise of technology and connectivity has catapulted the world into becoming a global community of diverse cultures, values and languages. Moreover, the generation of today also puts focus on character, authenticity, and creativity. 

With this in mind, why not consider giving your children an international education, such as is offered at the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) to better prepare them for the world ahead? Here are 5 reasons why: 

An Open & Global Perspective On Life 

One of the most wonderful things about attending an international school is being able to mix with people of diverse backgrounds, both peers and teachers. 

By mixing with a variety of nationalities, cultures, and languages, children can gain a global mindset, as they learn about different nations and cultures through their everyday interactions with their peers. Moreover, children will be able to develop positive character traits, such as flexibility, respect and empathy for others. 

Through learning in a multicultural environment, students are also exposed to fresh views and perspectives, which, in turn, can open their minds and as they learn to see the world from different angles. As they get older, students will be able to carry these unique insights and experiences into other aspects of their life. 

AISM is the oldest and most established Australian international school in Malaysia and its community is made up of students from all over the world. AISM also employs over 82% expatriate teachers, trained in Western education systems, who truly create a global learning environment for their students. 

Balanced Focus on Academics & Life Skills

Most international schools are focused on giving students a balanced approach to learning, thus shaping them into becoming individuals who can think creatively, act independently, and contribute to society. 

To achieve this, international schools often offer curricula and assessment systems that are used in other countries such as Australia, UK, and the US. In the Australian system, students are assessed not only through examinations but also through real-world focused assignments and projects. Apart from academic knowledge, students are also taught practical knowledge, such as communication skills, critical and creative thinking, intercultural understanding, entrepreneurialism, moral values and more. 

At the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), students are graded based on continuous assessment throughout the year as well as through formal examinations, ensuring academic rigour and personal development. With both academic and practical knowledge, students can make independent decisions, speak clearly and become an all-round, confident individual. This will prove to be an edge when entering university and the labour market.

Diverse & Effective Learning Approaches

In addition to offering academic and practical knowledge, international schools also tend to have different learning approaches. 

Teachers are encouraged to use innovative learning methods so that students are able to understand every concept to the fullest. Examples include demonstrating a science experiment outside of the classroom or creating a mock debate during English, for students to voice out their opinions about a text. 

These innovative methods are further enhanced by low student-teacher ratios, which ensure individualised attention during classes. In addition, these methods are further enhanced through real-life applications of knowledge, state-of-the-art tools and world-class facilities. 

One of the best recognised learning approaches is the Visible Learning approach, where both students and teachers work together to ensure that effective learning is achieved through assessments and feedback. This approach is often practised in countries such as New Zealand, Scandinavia and Australia. For Malaysian parents who are interested in enrolling their children in a more holistic learning approach, AISM does practice the Visible Learning approach for its students and is the leading Visible Learning school in the region.  

Opportunity To Learn Beyond The Classroom

As mentioned before, international schools are not only focused on giving students a promising academic experience, but also a space to explore their creativity, improve their talents and nurture their bodies. 

To do that, international schools, such as AISM, offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, music, dance, science, engineering and more. By engaging in these activities, students are also more inclined to develop socially and emotionally whilst acquiring a unique set of skills in areas of their interest. 

These activities also give students a break from the books to relax, re-energise and have fun with their peers. 

Global Recognition From Top Universities

Studying in an international school will also open doors to universities all over the world. Curriculums and programmes such as the Higher School Certificate (HSC), Advanced Placement or A Levels are internationally recognised by top universities. 

Moreover, international schools also offer academic advising services and college counselling to help students plan out their courses of study and assist students in determining their future college and career options. 

For example, students who attend the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), will be able to apply for direct entry to universities all around the world, without the need for foundation or bridging programs. In recent years, AISM graduates have taken up places in universities such as the University of Melbourne, the University of Manchester, the University of Canterbury, the National University of Singapore, Korea University, George Mason University, and many, many more. 

Invest in the Australian International School Malaysia

If all those reasons have convinced you, consider enrolling your child into the Australian International School Malaysia. Recognised by the Ministry of Education as a 5-stars Excellence School and the first school certified Visible Learning School in the world, back in 2017, AISM is one of the longest established international educational institutions in Malaysia. 

From pre-school to pre-university, AISM incorporates a holistic approach to learning, with a balanced assessment approach, developing examination skills whilst also ensuring the development of life skills, throughout the school year. Through the Visible Learning approach, students and teachers work together to ensure that learning is effective in and out of the classroom, guided by metadata gathered from tens of thousands of educational studies undertaken all around the globe. This is why the students of AISM also achieve the best HSC (pre-university) results outside of Australia. 

The AISM community is made up of students from over 26 nationalities, with 82% expatriate teachers and 20 accredited mindfulness staff. Apart from academic subjects, AISM also offers leadership development, thinking skills, internationalism, service learning, foreign languages, and more. 

To learn more, speak with the Admissions teams and Heads of Schools at the Australian International School Malaysia. AISM is now offering a 75% fee waiver on the admissions fees, for new enrolments, so head to AISM’s website here to register your interest! 

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