LHDN: Taxpayers Can Begin Filing Taxes For YA2021 From 1 March 2022
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The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) has reminded taxpayers that they will be able to begin filing their taxes for the year of assessment 2021 (YA2021) starting from 1 March 2022. The submission of their income tax form – for forms E, BE, B, M, BT, MT, TF, and TP – can be made through e-Filing.

In a statement, LHDN explained that the e-Filing system can accessed via the MyTax portal, which can be found on the official LHDN website. Once the taxpayer has logged into his or her MyTax account, he or she can tap on “ezHasil Services”, followed by “e-Filing” to begin the tax filing process.

“First-time users [of e-Filing] are required to obtain the PIN at LHDN’s branches or by filling in the feedback form on our website. If you have forgotten the e-Filing password, it can be reset online, via email or a mobile number registered with LHDN,” the board said, adding that those who continue to face further problems in resetting their passwords can also contact LHDN via the HASiL Care Line or the HASiL live chat, or visit the nearest LHDN branch.


“Taxpayers are advised to ensure that all documents, such as income statements, receipts, invoices, and other income tax-related documents are collected, neatly arranged and kept for at least a period of seven years as provided for under Sections 82 and 82A of the Income Tax Act 1967. It should be done in preparation to facilitate the process of completing e-Filing and a compliance review by LHDN in the future,” the board also stated.

Additionally, LHDN highlighted that taxpayers can use the MyTax portal to help them quickly check their return form submission status, refund process, e-ledgers, and the extension of schedular tax deductions (PCB). “We urge taxpayers to submit their return form and pay their income tax via the stipulated time to avoid any penalty,” it said, adding that taxpayers can refer to the full schedule of LHDN’s return form filing programme for 2022 for more information.

Malaysia’s tax season begins on 1 March every year, with the deadline for resident individuals to file their taxes typically falling on 30 April (for offline channels) or 15 May (for online submissions through e-Filing). That said, LHDN had previously extended the deadline for the submission of tax returns in 2020 (for year of assessment 2019) due to the nation’s implementation of the movement control order (MCO) to fight the spread of Covid-19. Meanwhile, no extension was provided for 2021 (for year of assessment 2020).

(Source: LHDN)

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1 year ago

I am a foreigner not living or working in Malaysia. I have purchased a condo in KL and leased to a local person since 1 Sept at RM 3,200 per month (one year contract). I do not have other income. So I need to file my tax return for Sept to Dec 2021 (4 months with RM12,800 in total). For a first time tax payer, do I need to obtain a tax number first before I submit tax return by post ? Please advise.

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