Etiqa, Petotum Officially Introduce Insurance For Pets, PAWer Insurance
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Maybank’s insurance arm Etiqa General Insurance has officially introduced its new pet insurance, the PAWer Insurance, which is rolled out in collaboration with tech and pet services company Petotum. Applicable to dogs and cats, it offers remunerations in the event that your pet has to visit the veterinarian or undergo surgeries due accidents or illnesses, cashless admissions to panel veterinary clinics and pet wellness centres, as well as other benefits.  

According to Etiqa, interested pet owners can choose from three plans under the PAWer Insurance, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum – depending on their needs and preferences. Here’s the full list of benefits that are offered under each plan:

BenefitsSilver planGold planPlatinum plan
Veterinary and surgical fees due to accident and/or illness (includes clinic overnight stays after surgery and post-surgical treatment)Reimbursement of up to RM3,500 per year (10% co-payment applicable)

Up to 3 nights of overnight stay

Up to 30 days of post-surgical treatment
Reimbursement of up to RM5,000 per year (10% co-payment applicable)

Unlimited nights for overnight stay

Up to 60 days of post-surgical treatment
Reimbursement of up to RM8,000 per year (10% co-payment applicable)

Unlimited nights for overnight stay

Up to 60 days of post-surgical treatment
Burial/cremation expensesN/AUp to RM500Up to RM1,000
Third-party liabilityN/A for cats

Up to RM5,000 per year for dogs (Excess of RM500)
Up to RM10,000 per year for cats (Excess of RM1,000)

Up to RM30,000 for dogs (Excess of RM1,000)
Up to RM30,000 per year for cats (Excess of RM1,000)

Up to RM50,000 for dogs (Excess of RM1,000)

Meanwhile, the annual premium that needs to be paid for your insured cats and dogs are as follows:

 Silver planGold planPlatinum plan

Note that there will also be some additional fees and charges to be paid on top of these amounts, including commission for intermediaries (25% of premium), service tax (6% of premium), and a stamp duty fee of RM10.

Etiqa further clarified on its website that pet owners must be at least 18 years of age, and are Malaysian citizens or residents with an employment, long-term, or student pass in order to be eligible for this insurance. The pets, too, are required to meet certain eligibility conditions:

  • Pets must be between 12 weeks to 10 years old, at all times under your or your family’s care
  • Dogs: Must be microchipped and duly licensed
  • Cats: Must provide medical card certification from a registered vet (including details of pet and owner, such as name and photographs of pet)

Etiqa had first announced its partnership with Petotum to launch comprehensive pet insurance products and other pet-related services back in June 2023. However, no specific details were shared back then about the products, although Petotum did mention that it will be integrating its ecosystem with Etiqa’s solutions to provide pet owners with “an all-inclusive ecosystem that encompasses insurance, healthcare, and various pet-related services.”

(Source: Etiqa [1, 2])

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