General Insurance Claims During Emergency Period To Be Processed As Usual

(Image: Berita Harian Online)
(Image: Berita Harian Online)

Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) has provided assurance that claims incurred during the Emergency Proclamation period will be paid as normal. This is in response to Malaysia being declared under a state of national emergency until 1 August to battle the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“PIAM wishes to assure all general insurance policyholders that claims incurred during the Emergency Proclamation period will be paid according to their policy terms and conditions,” the general insurance association of Malaysia said in a statement.

PIAM advised all policyholders, including both businesses and individuals, to obtain more information from their respective insurance companies on the matter.

(Image: The Straits Times)

In a separate announcement, PIAM also stated that its members would be expediting insurance claims for flood victims who had purchased flood cover as part of their general insurance policy. “PIAM member companies will process all flood claims so long as flood is an insured peril, regardless of whether a state of emergency is declared or not,” the statement read.

PIAM member companies are committed to expediting the flood claims by reaching out to claimants and preparing to waive claim forms or supporting documents for shorter turnaround times. “Insurance companies are also prepared to offer special waivers for proof of reinstatement policies, allow application of average on policies that are underinsured, and grant waivers on excess applicable on personal line policies,” it said.

All the same, policyholders are advised to check with their insurance companies for more detailed clarification on relief measures or waivers that are in place. Moreover, coverage for flood-related loss or damage is usually purchased as an extension since it is typically excluded from standard motor and fire policies. Therefore, policyholders are advised to check their policies to determine whether or not they are covered for floods.

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