Google Malaysia Launches Mantap Bersama Initiative To Help Small Businesses
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Google Malaysia has launched an initiative called “Mantap Bersama”, which is aimed at providing assistance to small businesses nationwide amidst the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mantap Bersama intends to help small businesses build their digital presence on Google Search and Google Maps and relies on the support of the Malaysian public.

According to Google, actions by the public such as reviewing and rating on Google can go a long way towards helping these businesses earn more credibility and drive consumer demand to their businesses online. As explained by the tech giant, there are four ways in which everyone can help support small businesses online this Raya season.

Firstly, Malaysians can discover new small businesses in their vicinity by searching for any product and service with the added search keywords “near me”. Secondly, the public can leave helpful Google reviews online to help attract more customers. Thirdly, Google encourages sharing photos of customer experiences to give others a better idea of the business. Lastly, Malaysians who have the means are urged to buy from small businesses to help allow the owners support their employees.

Google has enlisted three YouTube creators who are also small business owners to join the Mantap Bersama initiative – Ili Sulaiman, celebrity chef and founder of Ili Pot; Fadhil Mohamad Isa, also known as the founder of Cardock Academy; and Chef Kalidevan Murugaya, better known as Chef Dave of D’Vegan Academy.

(Source: The Malaysian Reserve)

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