How To Sell Just About Anything Online

Online seller owner take a photo of product for upload to website online shop. Online Selling , Online Shopping and e-Commerce concept.

Online seller owner take a photo of product

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound economic effect on many Malaysians. We’re all looking to earn a little extra cash these days, and one of the quickest ways to raise some money is to sell any unused items you may have online. Thanks to online platforms such as, Malaysia’s largest online marketplace, it is now easier than ever to do so.

The Surprising Things That You Can Sell Online

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t really have that many things that you’ll be able to offload. But if you took a closer look, you could actually come up with a fair amount.

Household and kitchen appliances on the table in kitchen
Household appliances are some of the items that you can sell

In the past, you may have bought books that you never really had the time to read. You may also have brand new clothes, footwear, or accessories that you impulsively bought during the last flash sale, but never had the chance to wear them. Or perhaps you bought some additional household appliances on buy-one-and-get-one-free deals. These are just some of the things you’ll be able to sell on the platform and raise some cash.

Not only that, if you have a hobby that you’ve outgrown like photography or any kind of sports, you can look to sell off your equipment on If you really have to, you could also let go of some of your precious collector’s items such as limited-edition toys and paraphernalia – these can fetch a handsome price.

With more than 50 item categories on the platform, you’ll be surprised with just what you could put up for sale on This is the case because is on a mission to democratise commerce for Malaysians everywhere, allowing and encouraging Malaysians to sell almost anything, even antique items that are not usually seen on other marketplaces.

Antique vinyl record player
You can even sell antique items on


Effective Ways To Get Your Items Sold

Although you can sell pretty much anything you want on, remember that you’re probably not the only one out there selling what you’re selling. Potential buyers may have quite a few options to choose from and to ensure that your listings truly stand out, the following measures could be helpful:

1. Ensure Your Prices Are Reasonable

This is the most important thing you should do in order to successfully sell off your item. The price is the first thing that catches buyers’ attention, and people usually filter items based on their price tags. Buyers will compare the price of your item to those of other sellers, so if there are many similar items on the marketplace, be sure that yours isn’t relatively too expensive. If in doubt, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and honestly consider if you would purchase your own item at the price you’ve set.

2. Use Good Photos

Besides the price point, high quality photos can make all the difference in attracting a buyer browsing through items of similar value. Furthermore, pictures that accurately display your item can tell potential buyers a lot about what they need to know regarding your item and save you from time-consuming enquiries. Your phone’s camera should do the trick – just make sure you have proper lighting and an attractive background, and that your item has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand to improve its appearance.

Example of a good photo:

Black t-shirt on brick background

Example of a bad photo:

Crumpled dress isolated


3. Write A Great Description

Start with a catchy headline that accurately describes the main characteristics of your item. Once you’ve gotten your potential buyers’ attention, be as informative as you have to in the main body of your listing without being too wordy. Dimensions. Colours. Model numbers. All of these will be helpful to your buyers, and like a good picture, can help you to avoid the hassle of having to answer a barrage of questions about your item. Use bullet points for easy reading, as well.

4. Throw In A Bonus Item

Everyone loves a freebie, and this is especially so for Malaysians! By throwing in a smaller bonus item with your main item, you’ll strengthen perceptions of your listing’s value in the eyes of potential buyers. For example, if you’ve listed a camera for sale you can bundle in an SD card. Just don’t forget to include pictures of your bonus items and highlight them in your item description, too.

5. Use Props To Enhance Appearances

For many of us, presentation is everything. So when you take pictures of your items, you can use simple but effective props to spruce up the way they look and make them more appealing to your potential buyers. Jewellery stands and clean cases are just some of the props that you could use for this purpose. Additionally, great lighting can make your pictures look as authentic as possible.

Bead Necklace in Wooden Casket
Use props to make your item more appealing

Now that you’ve found out how to get the most of, it’s time to start selling! Go ahead and try posting a few of your unused items for sale on, you might just find someone who’s more than happy to take it off you.

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