LG Launches New PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier In Malaysia
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LG has launched its latest water purifier system for the Malaysian market, the PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier. Dubbed as a first of its kind in the market, the new purifier system’s filters are user-replaceable, designed to address inconveniences faced by other water purifier users.

The new LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier is LG’s take on the concept of a “Total Self-Service” system. Whether you are renting or purchased the system outright, both ownership options come with a filter subscription that delivers a new set of filters every six months. Owners can then take a few minutes to replace the old filters by themselves, negating the need for service technicians to come do the same thing.

On top of that, the system has an “Auto Sterilisation” function that activates once every week, using high temperature water to sterilise the internal stainless steel pipes and outlet – LG claims this removes 99.99% of germs, and that users can also enable the Sterilisation function manually just with a tap of the button at the top of the system.

Meanwhile, the 4-Stage All Puri Filter System eliminates microorganisms, 99.99% of norovirus, and 9 types of heavy metals commonly found in unfiltered water. Plus, since the system is tankless, there is no worries on microorganism growth in the tank. There’s also a UV Sterilisation function that sterilises the inside of the water outlet which the system automatically performs every hour or whenever the users wishes to do so manually.

Finally, the LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier is also synced with LG’s ThinQ smart home app, where users can check the status of the system and set schedules for sterilisation anytime, anywhere with their smartphones.

“The arrival of our advanced LG PuriCare™ Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier coincides with LG’s third-year presence in the Malaysian water purifier market. The LG PuriCare™ brand prioritises our customers’ needs of convenience and freedom when it comes to product servicing and we work towards that goal every day. With that, LG Electronics strives to consistently deliver innovation and cutting-edge technology to meet the demand and changing consumer behaviour through our groundbreaking products,” said Justin Choi, Managing Director LG Electronics Malaysia.

The LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier system is available in three colours: Silver, White, and Navy Blue. As mentioned, customers can choose to rent the system or purchase it outright; rental rates start from RM60 a month, while outright purchase is available with a 2-year filter susbscription for RM3,200. Rental tenures are flexible with different durations, and there’s also the option of regular service visits by LG’s service technicians if the customer prefers.

For more information, check out LG’s official website.

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