Malaysians Are Reselling Their McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging
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Popular Korean boyband BTS entered into a collaboration with McDonald’s to craft the “BTS Meal”, a special meal set made available only in 49 countries in the world. Yesterday, Malaysia became the first country in Asia to begin offering the meal – and Malaysians are already putting the used BTS Meal packaging up for sale on various e-commerce sites.

The BTS Meal consists of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium-sized fries, a medium Coca-Cola drink, and special sweet chilli and cajun dipping sauces whose flavours are chosen by the band members. In Malaysia, the box for the chicken nuggets, cup for the soft drink, and paper bag are all branded with a purple theme and the BTS logo. The branding design differs from country to country – in the US, for example, the cup and the McNuggets box provided are the ordinary McDonald’s ones – which is perhaps why some local sellers on online shopping platforms begin to tout the used purple-themed packaging and sealed dipping sauces.

It’s also worth noting that there are actual McDonald’s x BTS merchandise that are sold as part of this collaboration, but unfortunately they won’t officially be available in Malaysia – we’ll just have to make do with what we have. Some local BTS fans we’ve spoken to informed us that most of them have kept their BTS Meal packaging for keepsake. Others speculated that it might actually grow in value over time since they are a limited run.

We’ve found multiple listings on popular online marketplaces including Shopee, Carousell, and Facebook Marketplace. While most sellers are selling their used packaging, some are claiming theirs to be brand new – and selling them at slightly higher prices. One seller on Shopee is offering the used packaging from the set at RM21.90, whereas another seller has aimed for a more ambitious selling price of RM59.90, oil stains and all. Meanwhile, sellers on Carousell are also offering the items piecemeal starting at RM5 per item, although we did spot someone selling the set meal at RM99. For reference, the price of the BTS Meal at McDonald’s is RM15.70.

While it is surprising to think that Malaysians might consider buying used food packaging online, the demand for the BTS Meal on the first day of sales was considerably high. Social media saw videos and images of long queues at both takeaway counters and drive-through lanes at various McDonald’s outlets throughout the day. As for those who tried to order online via McDelivery, both the McDonald’s app and website were troubled with access problems due to the high amount of traffic.

Fortunately, the BTS Meal is not just a one-day-only offer; McDonald’s will continue to carry the meal “for a limited time”. Therefore, if you’re not keen on buying the used BTS packaging online, you can try your own luck at ordering the meal from McDonald’s – hopefully, your odds may be better now the first-day craze has died down.

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