Samsung’s 2021 Smart TVs Coming To Malaysia In April
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Samsung is starting strong this year, with quick-firing launches of its Galaxy S21 series alongside its brand new lineup of smart TVs, which will be coming to Malaysia as early as April.

This year, Samsung is introducing brand new technologies as it attempts to gain further market share in an increasingly competitive TV market. As the new normal sees more families spending time at home, the living room space is turning into a battleground between Samsung, Sony, LG, and even smaller outfits like TCL to claim a spot.

Headlining this year’s focus is a goal towards long-term sustainability. On top of reducing carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency at the manufacturing level, it is also embarking on a new sustainable packaging design that minimalises text and graphic imagery and encouraging upcycling activities with the Eco-packaging.

On top of that, all 2021 Samsung TVs will be equipped with a Solar Cell Remote Control that not only uses a rechargeable battery, it is also made from 24% recycled plastic. These remote controls, which can recharge by indoor light, outdoor light, and USB, are projected to save a staggering 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.

As for the TVs themselves, Samsung is stamping its prowess with new technologies that should interest anyone looking to upgrade their TVs this year, thanks to the introduction of two technological innovations that are slowly entering the mainstream market: Mini LED and Micro LED.

Samsung Neo QLED (2021)

Samsung Neo QLED (2021)

The Mini LED TVs from Samsung will form the Neo QLED 8K and 4K TV series, packaged in a new Infinity One Design with near bezel-less screens for better immersive experiences. The Quantum Mini LEDs are 1/40 the height of a standard LED, allowing Samsung to fit more LEDs in the same space, eliminating a lighting phenomenon called “blooming” – the result is more accurate colours, where dark areas are darker and bright spots are brighter, which naturally lends to better high dynamic range (HDR) performance.

Meanwhile, the new MICRO LED line will be Samsung’s first foray into the groundbreaking new display technology for the consumer segment. This new tech uses extremely tiny self-illuminating LEDs (measured at the micrometer level), allowing Samsung to fit a previously-impossible 24 million LEDs for OLED-level colour reproduction and overcoming the peak brightness and durability issues of OLED panels. Further enhancing the experience is the new Monolith Design and its incredible 99% screen-to-body ratio. Screen sizes will max out at a titanic 110 inches, with smaller sizes to come later in the year.

Samsung MICRO LED TV (2021)

Samsung The Frame (2021)

Finally, Samsung’s Lifestyle TV range will also be refreshed, sporting thinner bodies for The Frame, The Sero, The Serif, The Terrace, and The Premiere models. In particular, The Frame will see more customisation options as well as the introduction of the new Art Store, which displays curated artwork from a selection of 1,400 art pieces when you are not using the TV.

The 2021 Samsung Smart TV range is expected to make its way to Malaysia sometime in April this year. Pricing, availability, and screen size options will all be announced at the local launch.

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