AIA Unveils Family Drive Motor Insurance Plan, Offers 5% Discount For Family Members
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AIA General Berhad has launched its first flagship product, Family Drive – the first car insurance in Malaysia to offer a family discount if two or more cars in the family are insured under the same plan. Family Drive also bundles personal accident protection in its coverage, offering all-rounded protection for both the driver and passengers.

With Family Drive, anyone travelling in the insured car is automatically insured for a total of RM250,000 in personal accident coverage. Therefore, Family Drive offers protection against accidental death and permanent disablement for yourself and your passengers in addition to the usual comprehensive motor protection which covers loss, damage, and legal liability.

In line with the family-first theme, customers get a 5% premium discount if two or more cars within one family household are insured with Family Drive. After the first purchase of a Family Drive policy, subsequent purchases will be entitled for the Family Discount up to a total of 4 cars in one household. This discount applies every year and upon subsequent renewal, the first insured car will also get 5% off their premium.

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Another advantage of Family Drive is that you get automatic coverage for all authorised drivers at no additional cost. This means that you don’t need to name any additional drivers or pay any extra fees for them to be covered under your insurance policy – which is useful for family members who often share the usage of cars.

Family Drive also provides other benefits to add to the convenience and savings of the customer. In addition to standard AIA Roadside Assist services, customers will be provided with e-hailing vouchers to get home safely and even request for assistance with their police report. Moreover, Family Drive offers an inconvenience allowance of RM600 per accident for when your car goes to the workshop – one of the highest allowances in the market.

“Our market research identified various customer concerns where we saw the growing trend of expanding families who were worried about their family’s safety and the inconveniences caused by car accidents,” said Eric Chang, CEO of AIA General Berhad. “With these insights, we developed Family Drive as a way to meet the protection needs of our customers on the road – ultimately providing them with a worry-free driving experience for the entire family.”

According to Chang, in a few months, customers will be able to purchase the Family Drive plan online directly from the AIA General website. For now, interested parties can request for a quotation online, make enquiries with an AIA Life Planner, or walk in to any physical branches to buy the AIA Family Drive motor insurance plan.

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