How to Get Back Your Time: All 36 Hours of It

In a new ‘PayPal Skip the Queues Survey 2012’, it looks like more Malaysians are turning to the Internet to shop with a credit card.


Online Shopping with a Credit Card Lets You Skip the Queues and the Blues

How to Get Back Your Time: All 36 Hours of It

Some years ago, I remember overhearing a tourist telling his friend that Malaysians love to go to shopping malls because of the air-conditioning. Quite a funny observation.

However, in a new ‘PayPal Skip the Queues Survey 2012’, more Malaysians are now turning to the Internet to do their shopping with a credit card, especially during the festive period.

How many Malaysians prefer to shop online, you may ask? According to the survey, which was conducted on 1,000 Malaysian online shoppers aged 18 and above, 46% Malaysians plan to do their holiday shopping using the Internet this year. This holiday season, Malaysians are expected to shop online twelve times and by doing so, save an average of three hours each time!

Incredibly, the survey calculates that Malaysian shoppers can gain back thirty six  hours of their time by shopping online with a credit card. Think about it: not having to drive,  find a car park, avoid long queues at checkout counters and best of all – no crowds. The time saved would enable the average person to spend more time with family and friends, perhaps even exercising, or taking up a new hobby.

Time saving aside, one of the most exciting perks of online shopping is also the access to international sales and discounts like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which used to be available only to those residing in the United States. Using a credit card it’s easy to manage foreign exchange and you’ll nearly always get a good deal on currency conversion.

It’s good to see Malaysian shoppers getting smarter and more tech-savvy. If you’re using your credit cards to shop, be sure to protect your privacy and your account. MasterCard and Visa have provided tips to stay safe online; it is worth checking them out before you make your purchases.

Image: PayPal


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