How These Tools Can Help You Uplift Your Credit Score
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A healthy credit score is a key component of one’s financial well-being. Whether you’re applying for your first credit card, buying a car, or on your way to investing for the future, a good credit score can help you achieve your financial goals, as it’s essentially a doorway to getting into the bank’s good books. 

Apart from achieving the likelihood of getting approved for credit cards and loans, a healthy credit score also allows you more negotiating power to obtain better interest rates for credit facilities, with higher credit limits. 

While the pandemic presented a few financial hiccups for some, 5.7 million Malaysians have successfully maintained their healthy credit scores throughout the pandemic, according to Experian. But today, with prices continuously rising left and right as well as the recent OPR hike, Malaysians will have to once again reevaluate their finances and take the necessary steps to maintain, improve, and protect their credit health. 

Experian Credit Health Month

Every year, Experian hosts the annual Credit Health Month where Malaysians can get the tools and help that they need to successfully manage personal finances and uplift personal credit scores. This year’s theme is Uplift Your Score – featuring activities ranging from talks to tips, to help Malaysians build better personal financial literacy, and start monitoring and boosting their credit scores while participating in fun credit health activities throughout the month. Along with a promotional discount of 50% on their full range of products made for preserving credit health, Malaysians can eventually meet their financial goals, big or small. 

Apart from the promotional discount, Malaysians can also look forward to a free webinar featuring well-renowned financial coach Khairi Aizat on reaching personal financial goals, titled “Realiti vs. Fantasi,” on 14 June 2022. Register your interest here! 

Check out Experian’s list of credit health tools here: 

Personal Credit Report Plus

Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP) by Experian is an easy-to-read credit report on how you manage your finances. 

It shows you how and when you pay your loan, how much debt you owe, and how long you’ve been managing loan and credit accounts. It highlights items such as your Experian i-SCORE, aka your credit score, with additional data points such as your banking information (CCRIS), Skim Potongan Gaji Angkasa (SPGA), PTPTN, trade references, litigation history, and more.

All in all, PCRP provides you with a complete report on your overall financial health to help you better understand your financial status, as well as constructive guides on how you can improve and maintain your credit score.

Available now for only RM9.45 per report


TrackMyID by Experian is a yearly subscription service that allows users to monitor their personal information on the Dark Web and sends timely alerts to users if their data is found on the Dark Web. 

TrackMyID lets users monitor their sensitive personal information online, specifically: 

  • IC Numbers
  • Passport Numbers
  • Emails (up to 10 entries)
  • Phone Numbers (up to 10 entries)
  • Local Bank Account Numbers (up to 10 entries)
  • International Bank Account Numbers (up to 10 entries)

With the constant risk of personal information being traded or misused online by cybercriminals, TrackMyID helps users prevent identity theft and reduces the risk of data breaches by looking out for their personal information on the Dark Web. 

Available now for only RM15.90/year!

JagaMyID & JagaMyID Plus

JagaMyID by Experian is another yearly subscription that includes 2-in-1 benefits of credit notification alerts and credit profile movements and helps users protect their credit health. Subscribers get a notification when credit applications are made in their name, or if there are any suspicious changes in their credit profile. 

The JagaMyID subscription offers you monthly updates on your i-SCORE, personal credit profile updates, and access to CCRIS information regarding your credit cards, housing loans, car loans, personal loans, and PTPTN loans, and other credit facilities. It also includes a full subscription to Experian’s dark web monitoring service, TrackMyID. 

JagaMyID Plus by Experian is an enhanced version of JagaMyID, with added insurance coverage protection against snatch theft, ATM withdrawal protection, medical expenses, accidental death, and permanent disablement, under the MYSECURE Protection Plan Coverage. 

JagaMyID is now available for RM31.80/year, while JagaMyID Plus is available for RM49.50/year.


MyBiz by Experian offers a comprehensive report on any local company listed on Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), also known as the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 

Details include basic information such as its name, contact number, former name, incorporation date, SSM status, and business description, as well as its company’s registered address, business address, market listed date, market stock name, and market stock code.

A company’s key business figures and statistics are also included in the report, which encloses its paid-up capital, earnings per share, revenue, profit after tax, income statement, balance sheet, and key financial ratio.

MyBiz offers users accurate information about a company to assist in making business decisions when working with current and potential business partners and vendors. 

Now available at RM17.50 per report. 


Those looking to perform their own background checks on current and potential employers can seek information from MyJob by Experian. A report can provide useful information that can help employees better understand an organisation concerning future career progression and prospects. 

It provides access to available company data such as revenue growth percentage in the past 5 years, net income trend, employee size, company directors and shareholders, subsidiaries, related companies, and more. 

Now available at RM13.00 per report. 


With these available tools and upcoming webinars by Experian, Malaysians are encouraged to step up and uplift their scores to gain financial independence and stay financially secure, even in the face of adversity. As we slowly yet surely gain normalcy in our daily lives, Experian is here to support Malaysians at every financial step of the way. For more information, head to their campaign page here!

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