Inspirational TED talks on Money

Are you looking to change the state of your finances in 2014? These amazing TED talks feature different views and experiences on finance that may be the push you need to get started.


It’s the new year and you may be thinking about getting your finances in order or to make a life-changing decision involving money. These are some inspirational TEDtalks about money to give you something to think about.

1. Sell your Crap – Pay your Debt – Adam Baker

Adam Baker talks about cleaning the financial slate; starting over and following your dreams. Such a move can only be done when you achieve some amount of financial freedom. Admittedly, it is not the route for everyone but if this is for you; if this is your dream too; you want to listen to what Adam has to impart.

2. Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow – Schlomo Benartzi

Everyone knows saving is important but so many put it off to another day. Schlomo talks about how behavioral ticks prevent people from saving. If you find you have the tendency to neglect your savings today; always promising to do so tomorrow; this TED talk may be what you need to hear.

3. The Moneyless Man – Mark Boyle

If you frequently read viral news tending on social sites, you may have already heard of Mark Boyle: the man who lives without money. It’s not easy, it’s not recommended for everyone but it’s a refreshing look at what we believe is integral in our lives. Mark also makes use of the age-old survival tactic of bartering. We’re not saying you should run out and throw all your money away – but Mark’s story is interesting nonetheless. What was once deemed impossible in this current day and age, has been done. Food for thought at the very least.

These talks are all about money, sound very different on the surface but all seem to have a similar thread – spending a lot of money doesn’t necessarily equate happiness; in many occasions it costs the opposite and no matter how you’d like to live your life, how you manage your money will play a big role on how many of your dreams you achieve.


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