New Applications And Appeals For BPN 2.0 Will Open On 15 October
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New applications and appeals for the government’s second round of Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN 2.0) aid will be open starting from 15 October 2020. The relevant applications and appeals can be made online via the official BPN portal on the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) website.

In its FAQ document posted online, the LHDN has made it clear that only those who received the first round of BPN aid will qualify for BPN 2.0. These recipients do not have to make any applications for BPN 2.0 and will receive the new aid automatically via the same channel as before.

However, the authorities have mentioned some example cases where you can make a new application or appeal to receive BPN 2.0:

  • If you were actually eligible for the first round of BPN but never received the payment
  • If you are not listed as a BPN 2.0 recipient but meet the eligibility criteria
  • If you were previously a single individual recipient but now wish to receive the household payment after getting married
  • If you were previously married to a BPN recipient under the household category and now wish to receive BPN 2.0 as a single parent after divorce

Addressing the question of whether a previous M40 BPN recipient who is now in the B40 category can make an appeal for BPN 2.0, the LHDN stated that “category eligibility for BPN 2.0 is based on the approval for the last round of BPN 2020”.

You can check your BPN 2.0 eligibility status on the official BPN portal starting 15 October 2020. To find out more about the BPN 2.0 aid, check out our definitive guide on the second Bantuan Prihatin Nasional aid here.

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Loh Kok Cheng
1 year ago

How about retiree, do i get anything

Sagayamary Pauline A/P S S Doss
1 year ago

I want to apply for BPN 2.0 how do I apply please assist me

Choong Siew Moi
1 year ago

How about my salary after Convid-19 has deducted and now less than RM4,000.00 per month and I am now M40. Can I apply for BPN.2?

Gertrude A Martin
1 year ago

Good morning, i should be eligible for BPN 2.0. My husband aged 64 years retired from work on 6/10/19 and is now unemployed. I am the sole breadwinner of the family. My monthly income is RM6,160.00 at present and I would like to appeal for the aid, which was rejected the first time around.
Truly and sincerely seek your kind assistance and approval and I really appreciate the assistance.

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