RFID Finally Accepted At All PLUS Toll Plazas Nationwide From 1 April

From 1 April 2020, PLUS Malaysia will finally accept RFID payment at all its 83 closed toll systems from the North to South, including the LPT2 highway along the East Coast. A total of 173 RFID lanes will be opened at the closed toll plazas to accommodate the new method of payment.

With RFID already successfully rolled out at PLUS’ open toll systems beginning 1 January 2020, this means that all PLUS highways in Malaysia now accept RFID as a method of toll payment. The latest development falls line with PLUS’ plan to implement RFID in stages, having started with the open toll systems in January and now moving on to closed toll systems in April.

According to a statement by PLUS, the final stage of implementation on PLUS’ closed toll systems marks the completion of a “fully RFID highway ecosystem”. PLUS added that having the RFID ecosystem is in line with the government’s vision of a Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) in the next three years.

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“We anticipate increase in demand of the RFID, especially among our daily highway customers, which is approximately around 1.7 million drivers,” said Datuk Azman Ismail, Managing Director of PLUS Malaysia Berhad. He said that the customer journey will be seamless now as there is interconnectivity between both intra- and inter-city highways.

Interestingly, PLUS said that toll payments using the Touch ’n Go card and SmartTAG will still be accepted to facilitate the migration towards RFID “within this year” – possibly setting a time frame for when a complete migration to RFID will take place.

Meanwhile, PLUS highway users who have not yet gotten their RFID tag stickers fitted are encouraged to do so at any one of the RFID Fitment Centres nationwide. Of course, seeing as RFID tags are no longer being fitted for free, you’ll have to pay RM35 for the RFID fitment.

From 13 March 2020 onwards, there will also be 17 new RFID Tag fitment centres open at the following rest and service areas (R&R):

  • Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant (both bounds)
  • Seremban RSA (both bounds)
  • Ulu Bernam RSA (Southbound)
  • Tapah RSA (both bounds)
  • Gopeng RTC at Simpang Pulai Layby
  • Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge Restaurant (both bounds)
  • Gunung Semanggol RSA (Northbound)
  • Gurun RSA (both bounds)
  • Temerloh RSA (both bounds) (LPT1)
  • Gambang RSA (both bounds) (LPT1)

You can find out more about the opening hours for each of the fitment centres above on the PLUS Malaysia website.

(Source: PLUS Malaysia)

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