3 Financial Advantages When You Buy A Ready-To-Move-In Property
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3 Financial Advantages When You Buy A Ready-To-Move-In Property
Meridin Bayvue, Johor

For many, the options for buying a property are either a new project from a developer, or a completed unit from the sub-sale (secondary) market. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, but could buying a new property from a developer that’s also ready to move in be an option that offers the best of both worlds?

Ready-to-move-in properties from developers are new units that are not yet sold upon the property project’s completion. There are usually the few remaining units available, and as its name implies, are ready to move in when the ownership paperwork is completed. Compared to new projects or sub-sale units, ready-to-move-in properties are a less common option – but let’s take a look at some factors on why you should consider this third alternative.

1. Less risk exposure compared to new launches

The Loft, Penang


New launches have a completion time of around three years. In that period, many things can happen, the worst of which is if the project is delayed or even cancelled halfway. If you’ve already committed to the project, you will need to pay for the interest incurred from the home loan during the construction stage – even if there are delays on the project’s completion. A ready-to-move-in property alleviates these risks, as the project is already completed.

On top of that, a ready-to-move-in property offers the opportunity for consumers to review the quality of the property – and even the entire completed project – in person before choosing to invest. This alleviates the risk of unforeseen defects cropping up, which can be quite common when buying a property which is still under construction.

Ferringhi Residence, Penang

M Residence 2, Rawang

The units around the property may also already be filled, so you could even take a look at your neighbours before deciding to get the property. It may sound trivial, but the quality of neighbours is an important factor that you can’t control when buying a new property project.

2. Better financing options when buying completed units from a developer

Meridin East, Pasir Gudang, Johor


Most properties require at least a 10% downpayment to be paid upfront, but developers usually offer attractive rebates for new properties that reduce the 10% figure by a significant chunk – it isn’t uncommon to see rebates of up to 8% to offset the downpayment amount. In addition, partner banks for the project may also offer lower interest rates for the home loan.

But since subsale properties are dealt with individual owners, buyers will not enjoy such a scheme. That means you need to raise a healthy amount of money to be able to pay the downpayment. You could apply for a personal loan to pay for this, but that means you’ll be servicing two loans that will surely leave a dent in your income.

Icon Residence, Mont Kiara

Savanna Executive Suites, Southville City

Finally, developers may even waive legal fees for ready-to-move-in projects. This is easily a five-figure sum that subsale buyers cannot save on. For instance, Mah Sing has a number of ready-to-move-in properties that offer attractive financing options, free legal and SPA fees, and even free moving services for some projects.

While that may not mean the final purchase price will be lower than when it is under construction, you do get to enjoy similar financing options.

3. Attractive Benefits & Offers

Lakeville Residence, Jalan Kuching


For ready-to-move-in properties, developers would usually provide attractive offers so that it can sell off these remaining units of the project. As such, they may bundle free furniture or additional home appliances, or even cover part of the renovation costs if you wish to make some minor changes to the property.

Some developers may even go the extra mile, offering unique perks when you buy its ready-to-move-in properties. Depending on the project, Mah Sing offers benefits like downpayment as low as 1%, free moving services, free interior design package, or even a Smart Home package with digital door locks and basic home automation.

Final Words

D’sara Sentral, Sungai Buloh


Buying a property is one of the milestone moments you’ll reach as an adult. It is arguably the biggest thing you’ll buy in your life, and regardless whether you live in it or not, a property is an investment that will literally take decades to pay off. So it’s only natural to be extra careful and weigh your options when you’re financially ready to make the jump.

Meridin Medini 2, Iskandar Malaysia

A property from a developer that’s ready to move in offers a “best of both worlds” scenario, giving the benefits of buying a sub-sale property but with lower risks as opposed to a project that’s still in development. Mah Sing’s ongoing promotion for its existing properties offers plenty of additional benefits, with projects available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, and Johor. Find out more at Mah Sing’s official campaign page.






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