3 Reasons To Consider An Intel® EVO™ Powered Device
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In today’s world, almost everything is technologically-powered. Just through a few taps on our phones, we’re able to get our desired meal delivered to our doorstep, purchase plane tickets to visit that destination on our bucket list, pay for all our bills, and more. Besides the perpetual evolution of smartphone technology, laptops have also evolved rapidly in recent decades. 

Laptops are important for a number of reasons especially if their sole purpose is to get work done. Most individuals seek out a laptop that’s both capable and reliable, since this may be a good indicator of a fulfilling experience.

Meet Intel EVO

In late 2020, Intel®’s 11th Gen Core™ mobile processors (CPU) together with Intel® Iris® Xe integrated graphics created a new platform known as Intel® EVO™. The EVO™ platform is designed to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, no matter what that may encompass. For devices to carry Intel® EVO™’s badge of honour, the laptops are required to check multiple boxes so they can comfortably carve an enjoyable experience for the user.

Let’s explore three reasons to consider as to whether or not to include an Intel® EVO™ powered device in your arsenal.

1) Less downtime with all-day battery

For a laptop to carry the Intel® EVO™ name, it has to offer fast charging. How fast, you ask? Typically, it has to offer at least nine hours of usage on a single charge but this only applies to Full HD laptops, so for those running 1440p and higher, it may vary.

This means you won’t get an eyesore with clunky charging cables messing up your workspace since they won’t have to be constantly plugged into your device. Those who often find themselves with close to 0% battery at times when they actually have to use them might find the fast-charging feature handy.

2) Fast wireless and wired connectivity

Devices with the Intel® EVO™ platform are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, promising fast wireless connections. Wi-Fi 6 has a host of advanced benefits such as more efficient bandwidth sharing, which means it won’t be much of an issue when other devices are simultaneously transferring data.

In terms of wired connectivity, Intel® EVO™ platform-based laptops include Thunderbolt 4 ports, which are USB-C sized connectors capable of transmitting data at 40Gbps. Not only that, devices powered by Intel Evo are also charged through the Thunderbolt port and not proprietary connectors.

3) Instant Wake 

Another feature you’ll find in Intel® EVO™ powered devices is how quick it wakes from sleep. Instead of having to wait for the blank screen to load as you flip open the lid, the platform features a wake time of less than one second – in other words, instant. 

This means you’ll have more time to focus on being productive with the tasks at hand.


If you’re interested to learn which devices are equipped with Intel® EVO™, visit the online store to shop for your brand new device as the March Madness Sales is still ongoing but ending very soon on 31 March 2022. The range includes a variety of laptops from reputable manufacturers and includes traditional laptop forms as well as convertible 2-in-1 laptops. 

Hurry and get yours today! Click here to visit the online store.

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